O’Death and Pattern is Movement

January 30th, 2009 · No Comments · By

O’Death and Pattern is Movement are playing at Gravity Lounge tonight. It looks like it should be a fun and worthwhile show.

O’Death are, in the words of (former cville resident and Yer Bird records operator) Morgan King, the “Best. Band. Ever.” The T-Rock folks are excited about it too. They do an enthusiastic bluegrassy-punk sort of thing; I saw them play with Skeletonbreath a few years ago and I seem to recall it was awesome. You can hear one of their songs here.

Pattern is Movement are an act I haven’t seen before, although I’ve heard the name; their publicist was kind enough to send me their CD, and it’s some pretty solid orchestral pop rock. There’s a definite falsetto-Decemberists vibe, with also maybe a little bit of Man Man and a fair amount of Dodos. Here is a song from their new album.

The show’s at 10pm tickets are $10 at the door. I’d be there, if I didn’t have to work.

Oh, and there’s a Tea Bazaar show too: Anna Vogelzang, Samantha Cathcart, and the Honey Dewdrops. That one’s only $5 (I think), also in the neighborhood of 10pm.

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