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I was driving around looking for a place to eat after I got off of work last night, and I turned on WTJU just as Mike began to play a live recording of Otis Redding performing “Try a Little Tenderness.” The performance is totally phenomenal and astonishing and it caught me completely off-guard.

Maybe it’s just the optimism lent by proximity to recent events, but I thought it made for a pretty nice little summation of everything that I love about Soul music; it’s a really intimate sentiment, expressed simply, that builds into a euphoric moment of joy and universal statement human togetherness. Otis is giving like 210% percent on this one; you can hear how much he’s sweating, and the (British) crowd is completely freaking out with enthusiasm, and the nerdy London MC keeps demanding another reprise, but the song is only like three minutes long, so the band (which by the way = Booker T. and the MG’s + the Mar-Keys on horns, for those who don’t know) keep having to repeat the last minute of the song over again and somehow keep topping themselves. It’s fucking great.  {Mike says he found it on this blog.}

{Oddly enough, Roddy Doyle’s lengthy contribution to McSweeney’s #12 had much the same effect on me, when I first read it — it’s a mini-novella, the most recent entry in the series he began with the Commitments, and it’s a pretty great peice of writing about music. Time to re-visit that one, I think.}

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