PantherBurn and more tonight

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PantherBurn, Quiet Life, and Vevlo Eel are playing at Gravity Lounge tonight.

Vevlo Eel are a band from a few years ago who are newly re-formed and playing shows again; beyond that, I don’t know much.

PantherBurn is a new rock band with Aaron Farington and Micheaux Hood and Philip St. Ours and Ferd from the Hackensaw Boys, and I’ve heard nothing but really good things about them since they first started playing shows two months ago.

Unfortunately I can’t offer any kind words for Gravity Lounge — it really is one of the most difficult and unpleasant places to see a show. But, sometimes you gotta do what’s necessary for Rock&Roll, I suppose.

Doors are at 7, the show is at 8, and the cover is $5.

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  • 1 sarah // Dec 29, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    i don’t particularly care for the g-lounge either but the bridge is by far the worst music venue in town. everything i have heard there is painful…and not because the music is bad. the acoustics of the room rattle me. you can always hear that empty concrete echo behind whatever music you are hearing. i have often regretted missing health there last year but i can only imagine what they sounded like in such a hollow space.

  • 2 John // Dec 30, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    I’ll jump in here and say that, yes, Gravity isn’t the best and, yes, The Bridge’s sound can be rough, but at least they are places where people can currently see some good music in Charlottesville.

    I personally don’t care too much about sound if the rest of the context is right. Health was great and fun when they played at The Bridge. I don’t specifically recall bad sound, so it must not have been awful enough to make an impression Also, one of my favorite musical moments of this year was seeing Adam Smith, James, Kaveh and David of DBB Plays Cups jamming on the floor of The Bridge.

    And I’ve seen some pretty great shows at Gravity. It’s not set up to be a good rock venue (tho it’s cool that they’re trying some rock shows), but when the right bands play there, it’s enjoyable. Bill Callahan was great So were Akron/Family back in 2005 and The Dutchess and the Duke back in August. Those weren’t unpleasant and I can’t really think of a better place where they could have occurred.

    And I think it’s an automatic plus that neither of these venues are associated with Coran Capshaw.

  • 3 James // Dec 31, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    My issue with Gravity Lounge has nothing to do with the sound; it has everything to do with the layout of the room physically; it’s very difficult to find a comfortable spot where you can actually pay attention to the music. I’d say the spots where you can sit or stand comfortably and actually see and hear the show account for about 15% of the room; everyone else is too far to the back, or has one of those giant columns blocking their view, or has no place to stand without blocking the view of the seated crowd.

    I think my point is that I’d rather go to a show where I can experience and music and have fun, rather than a show where it sounds “professional” but you feel separated from the experience. I’d much rather have fun at a show with mediocre or bad sound at The Bridge or The Box or at Dust, rather than suffer through another dry alienating experience at Gravity Lounge.

    Of course, if you want to go to a show where the sound is terrible AND you can’t see or hear the music, you can always go to Fellini’s. It’s the worst of both worlds!