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Sorry I didn’t blog about anything that happened tonight; all of today was pretty much just one continual trainwreck from start to finish. There was a screening at The Bridge, a Horsefang show at Outback and Corsair / 40 Boys show at Is…  hopefully y’all made it out to some of those.

Tomorrow night / actually technically tonight (Friday) is= Birdlips, Joe Pollock, and la Strada at the Tea House,  OR = Mister Baby and PantherBurn at The Box.

Oh, here’s another thing to keep yr eye out for: Nailgun founder and NY-based Cville expatriot John Ruscher will be DJing at The Box on Monday night, along with performances by the always-excellent Invisible Hand and DBB Plays Cups (who are seriously two of my favorite indie-rock bands in town these days…)  I’m so excited I’m coming back from New York six hours earlier just to make sure I see the show.

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