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I’d like to offer my apologies to all the bands whose shows I neglected to write about on Saturday; there was a BirdLips / Trees on Fire show at PVCC; Benjy Ferree at the Tea Bazaar; Wes Swing and Nelly Kate at the Garage; and no less than six punk, metal and hardcore bands at the Outback Lodge. I had every intention of writing up those events, but this weekend somehow turned into a non-stop routine of work / party / sleep / work / party / sleep and I never got the time. Anyhow, I hope they all went well.

Playlists for my two most recent WTJU shows are on the blog now; they ended up leaning pretty heavily towards the drone / noise / heavy-psych / art-metal / minimalism end of the musical spectrum; but I’m preparing several Xmas sets for December, so we should be back to charming pop oddities in the near future.

Speaking of WTJU, they’re screening The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: the Metal Years at Ollsen Hall tonight, preceded by the the sublimely great short video classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot. DJ Poubelle says: wince with horror as frosty-faced wannabes proclaim their inevitable stardom… it’s like what church ought to be like. wear your tightest jeans, feather that hair. It’s at 8pm and it’s free.

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  • 1 James // Nov 24, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    one more TJU thing: we’re doing another Mod Soul night at the Tea House on Dec 6. It’s looking like the DJs will be myself, Helvidious, and Mssrs. Tanner and Gibbler, who threw a tremendously successful and fun party last time. So, mark yr calendars for this one. I’m making the poster for it tonight; I’ll post it here when I finish it and can get it scanned…