Many, many shows tonight.

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There are SO many shows going on tonight.  After a week of barely any shows at all. You’d think folks would bother to coordinate, right? Anyhow, all of the options look pretty good.

The Raymond Raquello Orchestra are playing a house party show at Jesse “Raquello”s house, along with the Invisible Hand …  seems like it’ll be a nice little acoustic thing, and maybe also a pot-luck.  Give Jesse a call if you need directions or an invitation.

There’s also the  HorsefangCorsair show at the Tea House:

 I’m pretty sure it’s the first metal show there in over a year, and I’m excited about it. The new management and staff at the Tea House have been pretty disapproving of / hostile towards the louder & harsher ends of the Rock spectrum, which is a shame because it used to be such a good venue for that. But we had an extremely successful dance party there last week, so maybe things are looking up for non-acoustic Tea House music again. Plus they’ve finally found someone who wants to be the new sound / door guy, almost 6 months after I quit, so that’s a good sign as well. Anyhow, we’ll see how tonight goes…  I’ll be there celebrating after I get off of work.

Here are three other shows tonight which I would be very interested in seeing, if I wasn’t already committed to the above two events (and aforementioned work shift):

Le Loup, are playing at the UVa Chapel, along with Jukebox the Ghost. I think le Loup are a relatively new-ish band, the WTJU folks seems to be very enthusiastic about them; the show is at 8pm, $3 for students and $5 for townies.

the Moses, Glows in the Dark, and Uncle Jemima are playing at The Bridge; also 8pm, also $5; don’t know much about these bands, but my fellow Bridge staff are excited about it, so that’s a good sign.

 Wes Swing and Nelly Kate are playing at The Garage {UPDATE: this show seems to have been moved to tomorrow night, which should make your choice marginally easier… actually, there’s just as many good shows coming up tomorrow night, too.

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  • 1 Drew // Nov 21, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Jukebox the Ghost are one of my favorite local bands up here in DC, and everyone should check them out. They play piano-based indie pop (think Queen, and yes, Ben Folds), and put on a great live show. I highly recommend them. Le Loup is another good band native to DC, and feature a UVA grad (Jim Thompson), so my vote is for that show. If you care about the opinion of a C-Ville expat, that is.

  • 2 James // Nov 24, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    what an awesome night. the Raquellos / Invisible Hand show was a whole lot of fun; I’d rather see a show like that in someone’s living room than anywhere else. I’m also still cracking up over the many jokes made regarding Scott’s cowbell performance. Thanks to Jesse for an awesome party; I hope he does it again at some point.

    Unfortunately Corsair had just finished up around the time I arrived at the Tea House (I keep almost missing that band… out of the 10 times I’ve tried to see them I’ve succeeded only thrice) but Horsefang were fucking superb. A few songs, and their performance overall was just tight as hell (in stark contrast with the LAST time I saw them, in which they were too drunk to play.) as DBB proclaimed: “I think that last dance party un-lamed the Tea House”