Ultimate C.L.A.W.

November 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment · By

CLAW is happening again Tuesday night, and it may be the last CLAW event!! It’s a “Smackdown of Champions” featuring the winners of all previous CLAW matches, and it should be pretty dramatic.

Further CLAW news: Billy Hunt has a show of CLAW photos up at The Bridge for the month (with an accompanying book); Brendan F has an article about CLAW in the current (through today) issue of C-Ville; the CLAW anthem is available for download via MonkeyClaus;

AND, most dramatically: some ladies up in Brooklyn who called themselves CLAWS (the “Classy Ladies Arm Wrestling Society”) have put together a strikingly similar event, and apparently are claiming some sort of originality regarding the idea of an all-female arm-wrestling league. {a note to New Yorkers; just because you did something in Brooklyn, that does not mean that you did it first!} Our own classy ladies have responded in the most appropriate manner; by challenging those Yankees to come down here and get their, er, arms handed to them in a CLAW-off mixer event. Apparently, it’s happening. Details as they arrive.

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