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I turned on WTJU this afternoon to hear “The Soulful Situation,” only to find Robin Tomlin interviewing Allan Toussaint by phone! In-between the questions there were scattered songs he had produced for Irma Thomas and others, and it sounded pretty amazing. I wish I’d known it was happening in advance, so I could have taped it… to any of you TJU folks have a copy?

Anyhow, there are two more live-on-air interviews coming up this week on the station, here’s how it breaks down, according to DJ Mike Parisi:

Wednesday 2-4pm Nowhere Near w/Dominic
Dom’s got his recorded JAY REATARD interview to play, AND he’s gonna have JIM WAIVE play some great country music live! If you haven’t seen Jim play at the Blue Moon Diner, or around town with his band the Young Divorcees, you’re in for a treat. Dom’s the hardest workin’ man in showbiz I tell you!

Thursday 5-7pm Folk & Beyond w/Aer Stephen
SARAH WHITE stops by with Ted Pitney stop by for yet more country…Jim and Sarah, both Cville residents, are playing a cool-ass show this Friday down at Fry’s Spring that they’re calling the Full Moon Ball. It’s a cool, heretofore un(der)used space that’ll be a sweet place to see a show.

So you heard that part about the Fry’s spring show… sounds pretty good. There’s some other cool stuff coming up this week as well; CLAW on Tuesday, Jeffrey Lewis or Mates of State on Wednesday, Truman Sparks and Quintron on Thursday, etc. I’ll write more about these as they happen…

Oh, and my own now-relatively-meager-looking WTJU playlist from last night is up here.

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