Hooliganship, Nice Jenkins release tonight

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Hooliganship are doing a thing at The Bridge tonight, at 7pm. I don’t know too much about them, but I know enough that I’ve been really excited about this show since like, February. Somebody asked me yesterday “is this gonna be a sit-down-and-watch thing, or a stand-up-and-dance thing?” and I’m not totally sure. Maybe a bit of both? They’ll be showing a program of shorts they curated, as well some stuff of theirs (some of which involves 3-D glasses!) I’m guessing it’s gonna be the kind of neon dance party that gets put on by academics. If it’s any indication, here’s one of the press photos they sent me:

Later on at the Outback, there’s a Nice Jenkins CD release party. Doors are at 9pm, so it’s quite possible to catch the Hooliganship thing and then head over there in plenty of time for the bands. Cover for the show is $8 (or $10 if yr under 21, so I’m guessing it’s an all-ages show?) The openers are Birdlips and the Awesome Few, with DJing by Steve Richmond, so it should be indie-pop-tastic. You can check out the full poster here (it was too wide to fit into the narrow Nailgun column and remain legible):

The Jenkins (the “Nice” ones, not the “Great White” ones… some people still get confused) are putting out their second album Elephant Twisters, produced by Roderick Coles, with awesome cover art by Thomas Dean. Adam Brock, the Jenkins drummer (also in Invisible Hand and Articulate Chewy) was generous enough to give me an advance copy the other night, and unfortunately I haven’t had time to give it a listen until right now as I’m writing this. Three tracks in, it sounds solid and well-assembled; hopefully I can return the favor by giving it a full write-up in these pages at a later date…

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