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This week’s C-Ville Weekly has a big cover story on Danny Shea, and by extension the future prospects for touring independent musicians appearing locally. Well done to Brendan Fitzgerald for a solid article; this type of journalism has the dangerous potential to be either a gossipy tell-all or a drooling lionization, and Brendan’s article on Danny was neither. Two dudes with their hearts and minds in the right places.

Speaking of which, I’ve just heard that Jeyon Falsini of Magnus Music will be handling music duties over at Is, the music part of the Si Tapas restaurant over in the old Starr Hill space.  Last week, I walked past that place and realized I had no intention of ever going in there (I think I was on my way to Mel’s.) But now? Now I’m interested… Jeyon works his ass off to make a wide variety of shows happen in this town, and I’m really interested to see what comes of this arrangement.

Also did I mention that Tyrannosaurus Rock reformed? They did, and they’re doing a show next Tuesday at The Bridge with Tapeworms and sBACH (which is half of the now possibly-defunct kickass LA mathscramble duo Hella.  Despite their annoying name, I always preferred them to Lightning Bolt — then again, I never got to see Lightning Bolt live…)  Anyhow, that’s gonna be a good one.

Oh, and  Shaun Harvey who runs cvillemuse introduced himself to me the other night. I’d been wondering who he was and where he came from; from our brief conversation he seems like a really good dude with a lot to offer. This town is plenty big enough for the both of us; check out his blog (which is steadily gaining more contributors) if you somehow haven’t yet… don’t let the association with the excrable Cvillain fool you, the writing on Muse is sincere and worthwhile.

Lastly, I tried hard to get a good photo of the Regal marquee last week, but lacked the appropriate resources. Their arrangement of three movie-titles on each side often forms some unintentional clauses; I’ve enjoyed several good ones over the years, but last week’s was a hands-down all-time winner: QUARANTINE MIRACLE AT ST ANNA LAKEVIEW TERRACE / BLINDNESS BURN AFTER READING THE DUCHESS.  Burroughs would be proud.

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  • 1 Jeyon // Oct 24, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    Thanks for the kind words James!