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September 17th, 2008 · No Comments · By

Quite a few things going on tonight; plenty to choose from, depending on your temperment.

Local country singer Jim Waive is now doing a weekly gig at the Blue Moon Diner. I caught his inaugural event last week completely by accident; it was pretty excellent. Remarkably subdued, as well –with a full backing band he’s usually quite exuberant, but the slow, quiet first half of his set made even the sweet love songs sound forlorn, which made for a nice change of pace. Things picked up a bit later on, and he did a bunch of excellent covers, including Dylan’s “Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts,” a song which I’m astonished that anyone can remember all the words to.  Brendan Fitzgerald has a review of the show up here {scroll down}.

Anyhow, Jim’s an awesome singer, and I’m glad c-ville will get to hear his talents on a weekly basis {If you haven’t heard him yet, click here}. Plus, the Blue Moon is such a great spot (one of my favorite places in town), so the combination of the Diner plus Waive is pretty unbeatable. I’m told he’s going to try to bring the full band once a month, but tonight should just be another solo set. No cover, although they’ll probably pass a hat.

There’s a poetry reading at The Bridge tonight, with poets from the Best American Poetry 2008 anthology, including Lisa Russ Sparr, Debra Nystrom, and my friend John Casteen, who’s also the VQR’s poetry editor. It’s free, starting at 8pm.

There’s also a Pot Luck at The Garage tonight at 6pm; Kate from the Garage says: “Local food encouraged but not required. Come no matter what!” The Garage also has a new website up now, with a calendar and photos of Kate and Sam renovating that space; check it out.

Lastly, the A School is showing Antonioni’s Blow-Up in Campbell Hall room #158 – Not my favorite Antonioni film {that would the “The Passenger”} but it’s pretty great, and features a performance by the Yardbirds. Worth seeing, certainly, if you haven’t.

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