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Last night’s playlist is up on the ‘Teej Blog. One hour of IDM and Electro, then one hour of spooky neo-concrete and droning noise-rock, with a brief interlude for some early British industrialish stuff.

CvilleMuse has more info on RedLight’s potential Preson venue.

During a conversation about said venue the other night, M Bison and I tried to count how many music venues there are in Charlottesville on the back of a napkin. We came up with 23:

– the Tea House
– Dust
– The Bridge
– the Pavilion
– Gravity Lounge
– Rapture
– Miller’s
– Fellini’s
– Saxx
– the C&O
– the Paramount
– the Garage
– Outback Lodge
– Mono Loco
– The Box
– Zinc
– Blue Moon Diner
– Cabell Hall
– the UVa Chapel
– that bar on the corner
– that place on Elliewood
– Durty Nelly’s
– John Paul Jones Arena

Anything we missed?

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