interview – meg baird

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(meg baird – photo by Aaron Igler)

Nailgun: How did the songs on Dear Companion come together?

Meg Baird: A good deal of this material came together from my frustration at myself for being able to do a decent version of “Do What You Gotta Do.” This record is something of a giant (hopefully not overbearing ) love letter to you record collector types.

N: How would you describe the album?

MB: Not in a preciously retro way at all, but I had hoped it might feel like a forgotten record you were happy to remember.

N: What’s your earliest musical memory?

MB: Bursting through the paper skins of the kick drum of a toy kit.

N: How and when did you start playing music?

MB: Musical instruments were the most fun things to play with at home.

N: How is your solo work different from the music that you make with Espers and with Laura?

MB: My timing and phrasing and thinking can be as completely all over the place as I want. I can also go into terrain that is more vulnerable and about to come apart. I wouldn’t want to ask that of someone else, I’d have to be more in control than this current set and approach..

N: Do you have a favorite song to play live?

MB: It changes with every venue and crowd, really. Never sure which will be my favorite until after it is over.

N: Are you excited to be on tour with The Sea & Cake?

MB: Incredibly! I am more excited than anyone else is about it!

N: What have you been listening to lately?

MB: John Renbourn and Stefan Grossman (Shanachie Records 1984). Also, White Heaven, Butterfield Blues Band, Bettye Swann, The Virgin Insanities, The Woods, Kath Bloom and Loren Conners, Sly and the Family Stone, Laura Nyro, indulging my ongoing facicnation with Canned Heat and The Allmans, lots of radio.

N: What’s up next for you?

MB: Catching up on an insane backlog of homework with Espers, Baird Sisters, my own work, hopefully even more work than that. Work that I am very excited about.

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