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Thanks to everyone who sent me their favorite shows or moments from 2006. The year is almost over and a lot has happened. It seems that, based on the responses that I’ve received, one of the best shows of the year was z0o0o0m at Dust. I sadly did not go to this show, but Monkeyclaus has kindly posted a live recording of the whole thing for those of us who missed it.

Also, The Beard Hour has posted their list of best records and moments of 2006. Listen to their show Thursday nights/Friday mornings 1-3AM on 91.1 WTJU.

Click ‘continue reading’ to see the personal reflections/lists that everyone sent me. Check back soon for my own list of favorite shows and moments of year.

Matthew from Monkeyclaus and Twisted Branch:

Circle at Tea Bazaar – “total kraut psyche madness from finland…too good to be real…the totality of their control was uber…the execution flawless…tapped in…” (interview, live set)

Melvins and Big Business at Starr Hill – “weird venue for such sour ol’ crustGODs but the drums stole the show…psychic fiends…most impressive ever double drummer action”

Altai Kai throat singers at Tea Bazaar – “next level shit…the room full of russian speakers and all walks of life… together to feel the cosmic, shamanic vibrations from the mountain region of altai”

Wolf Eyes at Satellite Ballroom – “hadn’t seen them since the pudhaus years ago…since then they got famous and really good…the textures and atmosphere were lush disturbing and beautiful…it made me feel sick and i wanted to curl into a ball….then they got really heavy like industrial music from hell’s basement and i wanted to wrestle something…” (photos)

Vialka at Dust – “…gypsy punk social scientific experiment from france..mindblowing duo….marylise was pregnant and eric explained to me how north korea is using hi tech machinery to make the world’s best fake american currency” (words)

z0o0o0m at Dust
– “japanese bands never fuck up…ever, and are usually totally original…. z0o0o0m was the shit.” (live set and words)

Extreme Animals at Dust
– “these guys are too cool…making us all hop on one foot and dance with ghosts and shit…then i got to hang out with them all night and talk about crazee shit…” (interview)

Jackie O Motherfucker at Dust – “i admire and respect the fearlessness of these guys and gal…they showed no restraint (partied very hard) then tore up the stage in complete intellectual improv…the vibe was witchy….” (words fotos audio etc)

Fursaxa at UVA Chapel – “humble high priestess” (audio etc)

Bobby St. Ours at Satellite record fair – “dude transcended x-mas and consumerism and bright lights and commotion and toddlers on stage to cast his spell over the ballroom…he stopped me in my tracks and preached the WORD…dude is amazing check out his CD holy bear crossing…it rules”

Brightblack Morninglight in D.C.
– “i caught these guys with espers in d.c. during a full on flood of the city…cars floating by…their dog slept on the stage and they had huge power crystals” (words)


“There was that zombie dance party at DUST.
And that Japanese band played.
And blew everyone’s mind.
Here’s the email I sent the band:

From: Erik
To: toppun

Subject: show details
Oct 28

And here’s the email I got back:

From: Tokuhiro
To: me

Subject: show details
Nov 22
please wait next time.
CHARLOTTESVILLE is so gooood place for us !!!!


Morgan King (Yer Bird Records):

“the ZoOoOoOoM show at Dust
the perennial favorite of Mass Sabbath
Anytime Sarah White played anywhere

The best overall show I saw, though, was O’Death on September 6th at the tea house – those guys are incredible.

and the Gillian Welch/David Rawlings show at the Tea Bazaar was an unexpected treat, too.”


“1. eleanor friedberger telling me she noticed me singing along

2. dc berman thanking magill

3. jeff tweedy playing to the 5-year-old down front

4. commemorating mogwai’s first appearance in the ‘ville

5. every bucks & gallants performance (not to mention the cd)

6. the wally champ: ‘turn on the blue light!’

7. educational films with books

8. junior boys got a drummer, then forgot to play an encore

9. portastatic + jennifer o’connor ask ‘what if you play a totally kick-ass show and nobody comes?’

10. cul de sac = blown mind

11. neil michael hagerty’s psychedelic sax jams

12. joanna newsom’s new boyfriend + thor’s fanny pack

13. headlights & cataract camp rocking 1714 jpa

14. flin-flon returns!

15. dirty on purpose covering real life

16. neil hamburger is a very funny fellow

17. black twig pickers and barbecue at a wedding out in stanardsville

18. jose gonzalez covering the knife, massive attack, and kylie

19. las gitanas and dj patrick critzer at the colonnade club

20. jason lowenstein’s opening to ‘don’t dance her down'”

James Ford:

“the night I saw Sarah White and Jim Waive at the Tea House, a bad rock band at Atomic, Yellow Swans and Mouthus at Dust, and the Serpents at 1714 all in one night

the surprise show that Corndawg played for me and two friends at the Tea House when he was in town for 12 hours a month ago

the Ostinato CD release party

several evenings at Monkeyclaus

the September 11 Extraordinaires / Corndawg / Sarah White show at the Tea House

the transcendentally awful Buck Gooter show at the Tea House that apparently only I enjoyed

Genghis Tron
USA is a Monster
Grand Banks
Civil War Reenactors
Pyramid Skeem

etc etc etc

but I must say the zOoOoOm show was the best show i’ve seen in Cville all year, topped only by the Rhys Chatham / Jonathan Kane / Arnold Dreyblatt show I caught in NYC last spring”

Christina T:

“the best show i saw this year was neko case, even though she seemed to be a bit weary from all those npr stints. but she can wear sweatpants and demand that people not smoke at starr hill we’ll still eat her shit. plus hordes of ny hipsters came down just for the occasion, realizing once and for all the charlottesville is the greatest city in the universe.

man man was also good for shedding their awesome philly/ pitchfork experimentalist glory. although when i saw the lead singer outside of lil john’s afterwards, he pretended that he wasn’t in the band, despite his ridiculous beard and funny hat.

peaches was probably the funnest, by far, ever, in the history of shows.

i didn’t go to see the throat singers at the tea house, but id imagine that was really awesome too.”


“Ryan Adams,
Dwight Yoakm rocked
and my favorite performer played 25 miles from my house, over the years I have traveled all
over the east coast seeing this performer and I was sick and had surgery to miss
Merle Haggard and the Strangers.

Clapton was ok.

Ralph Stanley at Starr Hill in January was a great show.

i just moved here from the Valley and love the music scene. I was sick for about 6 months
and couldn’t go to anything but better now and looking forward to this year.”

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