mildred pierce call for submissions

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(mildred pierce #2)

Mildred Pierce, a zine put together by Megan Milks and John Bylander, has put out call for submissions for their upcoming third issue. Check out some samples of the previous issues on their site. Here’s what they say:

“In other exciting news, we are happy to ring in the new year with a call for (freeesh) submissions in the form of scathing screeds, tea time chats with your one friend who paints, skin-tight language games (fiction and non), baggy illustrations, Awesome Comix, loud interviews with Colourful Characters, hard-nosed cultural critiques, straight-up reviews and more; etc.

We LOVE shorter pieces, becuz a magazine needs em, but longer pieces are welcome too. Questions and Declarations of Intent should be directed to this email address. We hope to get this issue out by April for the Richmond Zine Fest, so PLEASE shoot for an early March submission. Right now, our brains are bursting with story ideas, and we wanna rock, so act now to get your shine on.”

Also, you can (and should) pick up Mildred Pierce #2 from Plan 9, or online at Quimby’s or Eye Candy.

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