“it burned like fire, and it reminded me of cheap, burning plastic…”

September 30th, 2009 · 4 Comments · By

So, there’s this Irish new wave band called U2… yeah, like “you too,” but it’s just spelled like with… oh, you’ve heard of them? Yeah, apparently they’re pretty big… Oh, and they’re playing in Charlottesville tomorrow, so you might not try to drive anywhere at all (seriously). Shit’s gonna be crazy and kinda horrible. Like […]

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Like Nailgun, except it’s for New York

September 29th, 2009 · 4 Comments · By

Nailgun’s founder John Ruscher, along with a handful of other ex-Charlottesvillers (including Nailgun’s tech genius Tom Benner, and design wünderkind Erik Carter, whom I’ve been in two bands with) have started a new blog about music in New York City.  It looks a lot like Nailgun, except bigger, fancier, and it’s about New York instead […]

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The Box Tonight

September 28th, 2009 · 2 Comments · By

The Box is hosting two great bands tonight!  The Hilarious Posters, a local band, and Typefighter, from Washington D.C. are playing.  I’ve seen the Hilarious Posters perform several times before and I’m always eager to catch their sets.  Their songs are generally a combo of folksy pop and indie rock which comes off as generic […]

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Tonight’s show at IS (is the last one)

September 27th, 2009 · 6 Comments · By

There’s a show at IS tonight, with the Black Diamond Heavies, Corsair, and Channel 43. Black Diamond Heavies supposedly put on a really solid live set; Corsair are the local retro-hard-rock act whose songs are much better than that description might imply; Channel 43 are a hardcore-ish band, largely based out of Richmond, although I […]

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A Dizzyingly Busy Saturday

September 25th, 2009 · 2 Comments · By

So there’s, like, a bazillion worthwhile things going on tomorrow night! Well, maybe not a bazillion. Maybe more like a half-dozen. Which is still a lot! That’s almost certain to be twice what anyone would even attempt to do tomorrow! Anyways, put yr party-face on. Here goes: First stop of the evening is The Garage, […]

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The Books, at UVa this afternoon & new venue tonight!

September 25th, 2009 · 7 Comments · By

The Books are coming to town today! If you’re not familiar, they’re a duo who make a strange and intriguing mix of electronic and acoustic music which is both very avant-garde and highly accessible; it’s like laptop-collage with flavors of appalachian folk, if that makes any sense… They’ll be doing a colloquium with the UVa […]

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September 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment · By

I’ll be on WTJU this afternoon, substituting for Carry the Zero from 2-4pm.   My usual show is at 1am on a Monday, so this’ll be a nice chance for me to play some afternoon-time jams for a wider audience. You should tune in! I mean, you should tune in other weeks too, becuase Danny and […]

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John Coltrane, b. Sep 23, 1926

September 23rd, 2009 · 2 Comments · By

As Greg nicely pointed out, today is John Coltrane‘s birthday. I grew up liking some Coltrane stuff when I was younger (my Dad’s a big jazz nerd, so some of that trickled down) but for the past few months I’ve been sorta obsessed with Coltrane; especially the later, far-out stuff, which I hadn’t heard much […]

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Alexis Gideon

September 21st, 2009 · 1 Comment · By

Just realized nobody had written about the Tea House tonight — headliner is Alexis Gideon, who’s supposed to be pretty awesome. Apparently he’s got some sort of good-things-from Baltimore connection, and I think Jacob mentioned he was excited about the show, but also Meghan Eckman went out of her way to clarify that she thinks […]

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four bands!

September 20th, 2009 · Comments Off on four bands! · By

Chance allows for the five members of Order to convene and play Charlottesville for the first time since May. I am very happy about this because Order is one of my favorite bands comprised of some of my favorite people . Happy circumstances! Friends The Alphabet and Elephant Child and are riding down from Harrisonburg […]

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