A Heavy Thursday Lineup at Magnolia

May 18th, 2016 · No Comments · By

Thursday May 18 @Magnolia: Lugweight / John Niekrasz / Thieves of Shiloh / Och / Maxx Katz  9pm, $5-7

So this is a very recently booked show, people might not of heard of it, and attention must be paid. It’s an experimental night of metal, drone, free drumming and general sonic trepanation. Lugweight is coming from New York with some one-man noisy doomy riffs and drones. John Niekrasz is the drummer, Maxx Katz says he is ‘awesome’ so that is probably true; catch him before he moves out of state. Thieves of Shiloh has does drones with violin,  one of the most classic and most elegant forms of droning. Och is a two-piece black metal band that should provide the evening with some of its more rockish pleasures. And Maxx Katz is continuing to explore the great possibilities — like chocolate and peanut butter — of bring the flute into her solo doom music. (The great video of her last performance at Magnolia won’t embed but you can see it here.)

It should be an excellent night at Magnolia, a place that seemed to have fizzled out, but now there are some new people there who are doing a really great job of bringing the music. Keep an eye out for their shows.



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