TONIGHT: Troy’s Last Ever Robot Extravaganza — Crozet Pizza on Elliewood, 10pm

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wherever you’re sitting, make sure you’re sitting down twice. if you thought the nailgun post on tom tom was an expose to end all exposes, you were wrong (well, right, but, wrong, because i mean, it was a little shoddily written–sure–but i mean in the grand scheme of things, i mean, it was good to write it, right? right, coogan, definitely good to write it. but what if it wasn’t? oh god. what if it wasn’t.) ! BECAUSE THIS IS EVEN MORE EXPLOSIVE>>>>

you may know troy rogers as a kind, soft-spoken engineering and computer music guru who has been at UVA pursuing a PhD in composition and computing technologies, but the truth is he is a twisted genius. for the past decade in charlottesville, troy has been raising an army of robots trained to destroy your sense of what it means to create. for years, he has been toiling away with PCBs, soldering irons, teeny tiny screwdrivers, esoteric biosensors and obscure linux distros pulled from sweden’s underground köttbulle scene. running sequences here, checking latency there. getting them geared up until, one night, as they are all plucking and drumming in a gradually cacophonous rage, troy stands in the middle, laughing–at first quietly, then: the voice rising as he is immersed in the generative power these machines are capable of. his laughter reaches a maniacal pitch, throwing troy’s head back as arms rise in triumph.

tonight, troy rogers’ music robot army takes its last stand.

troy is leaving charlottesville for madison (i think? possibly st. paul?).  Duluth (thanks nick!). he has been doing the computer music thing here in town for sometime and tonight is his send-off. he’s also programmed some humans to also perform the music, cathy monnes, nick rubin and steve snider. it’s also functioning as a mini-Devo tribute for Bob Casale, who passed away Feb. 14th. a portion of the proceeds will go towards the Bob Casale Family Foundation. this will be a great show and everyone should come out, if they can, to see troy off and pass the lego hat for casale.

it’s hard for me to get details from facebook because of my computer, and not having a facebook account, but here are the basics (and here is the facebook event page with the details): Crozet Pizza at Buddha Biker Bar on Elliewood Ave (across from PARA coffee), starts at 10pm, not sure about cover.

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    a/k/a Too Far, MN

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    troy rules.

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    what scarr said.