Coming up this Week: 1/14 – 1/16; Math the Band, Cate Le Bon, and Speedy Ortiz.

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Tuesday, January 14th

Math the Band, The Golden Rage, and Nu Depth at the Tea Bazaar. Show begins at 9:00. $8.

Math the Band plays an insane mix of glitchy 8-bit electro and  punk rock.  Expect to dance your ass off at this show.  If you’re into The Death Set, Japanther, or Los Campesinos! then you will definitely dig this band. Start listening to their track “Guts” now so you know the chorus well enough to scream it out along with the band as they play. The top three Google hits for“The Golden Rage” have nothing to do with music but include a Jon Stewart bit, an Amazon listing for some kind of car paint, and a Blogspot about comic books that hasn’t been updated for three years. Nu Depth will start the set off with at least one yottajoule of positive energy.  That may not sound like a lot, but trust me: it is.
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Cate Le Bon and Kevin Morby at the Southern. Doors at 8:00, show at 8:30. $10.


Cate Le Bon plays gorgeous psych-folk music similar to artists like Nico and Vashti Bunyan.  Her voice has a dark elegance sure to enchant whoever’s listening.  Check out the video for “Puts Me to Work” for an example of her tunes and 60s-flavored weirdness. Kevin Morby, who has played with the likes of Woods and The Babies, is opening the show. His solo work mixes Dylanesque vocals and slow-burn psychedelia.  “Slow Train”, which features Cate Le Bon, is a beautiful piece which sounds like it came from another era.


Thursday, January 16th

Speedy Ortiz, Grass is Green, Big Air and Lil Huffy at the Tea Bazaar. Doors at 8:30, show at 9:00. $8.



Speedy Ortiz has generated much buzz after releasing their excellent album Major Arcana, which ended up on quite a few “Best Albums of 2013” lists. And for good reason; their synthesis of riot-grrl attitude and 90s guitar rock make for music that has both an acerbic wit and a raw vitality. “Taylor Swift” might be my favorite song of theirs, and contains one of my favorite choruses from any song, which includes the lyrics “I gotta boy likes to fuck to Can.” I’ve caught them live before and I can assure you, this is not a band to miss. Grass is Green comes right before Speedy, bringing you lo-fi post-punk along the lines of Wire and Gang of Four.  Lil Huffy, straight outta H-burg, open the show to deliver a dose of raw and noisy rock. If you want a feel for the awesomeness you’re in for, tune in to their Bandcamp; but be make sure the volume is turned all the way up on your computer before you do.

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  • 1 Amanda // Jan 14, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    Don’t forget Big Air on Thursday’s bill! Cville rockin’ duo of Rob Dobson (formerly of The Fire Tapes) and Greg Sloan (of Dwight Howard Johnson, The Ha-Rang, sometimes Great Dads). Their performances have gotten steadily better over time and recently landed an opening gig for the Men in Richmond for May. Their tape comes out in February!