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It’s the first of September; the weather is turning cool & rainy, the leaves have begun to change color, and the students are back in town.

Speaking of which, WTJU is hosting its’ third annual welcome-back concert for the students this evening. It’s at the UVA Amphitheater (that’s the one down near the south end of The Lawn, by Old Cabell Hall — NOT the Amphitheater which is near WTJU studios!)

The concert is an early one, 5-8pmish, so this is one of those times when it might be a good idea for forgo rock&roll tradition and actually show up on time. (I’m hoping the weather dries up a bit by then!) Invisible Hand are on at 5pm, the Fire Tapes are playing at 6, and Dwight Howard Johnson are up at 7:00. The concert is free, and though it’s meant to attract the attention of students (especially incoming first-years), it’s open to the public as well.

Here’s also a reminder that there’s a UVA Home Football Game this afternoon, so things are going to be a bit tricky if you’re coming from somewhere other than Grounds. Be wary of intense traffic jams, unpredictable roadblocks, totally wasted drivers and pedestrians, and deafening home-team chanting. Driving to UVA is going to be next-to-impossible (I just plan on walking over there myself.)


Then later on tonight, there’s a concert at Random Row Books which is definitely worth your time. I know more than a few folks who are planning on attending both shows (as well as number of musicians who are, impressively, playing in both); it doesn’t start ’til 9pm, so it’s definitely possible, time-wise, to hear both, if you have the endurance for seven bands in one evening.

The Random Row concert is notable for a number of reasons; Borrowed Beams of Light are releasing a new EP that evening (I reviewed it in the C-Ville a few weeks back); Marie and Jordan, who play in both Corsair and Borrowed Beams, are moving to France soon, so it’s probably the last Beams show with the current line-up, and also possibly Corsair’s farewell show; the Fire Tapes will be playing their second show in the space of a few hours; and I’ve just heard that Ostinato have been added to the bill!

I’m not sure how many of our current readers / contemporary Charlottesvilleians remember Ostinato, but they’re a pretty awesome stoner/space-rock band who have been around since the late-90’s, they get together every few years to play a tour and maybe sometimes record an album. Their drummer is Matthew Clark, who worked at the Tea Bazaar for most of its’ formative early years, in addition to drumming for Sarah White, Galactic Core, and numerous other groups of varying genres. I’ve been a fan of Ostinato ever since they played at a film festival I was in at the old Jefferson Theater back in 2001, so I’m excited to see them again.

I think there’s a cover charge at that show, but I have no idea what it might be. It’s also the first big rock show at Random Row in quite some time (they used to get visits from the fire department pretty regularly), and possibly the last one, since they’re putting up a stupid hotel in that space pretty soon. So come check it out!


If you’re interested, you can check out the archived recording of Friday afternoon’s radio appearance by members of several of the aforementioned bands, via WTJU’s tape vault (it’s the 8/31 edition of “Radio Freedonia”), and also a thing I wrote for the paper about the WTJU back-to-school thing.

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  • 1 adam smith // Sep 1, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    lineup for UVA show is actually: dwight 5pm, firetapes 6pm, invisiblehand 7pm.