ex-Cap’n Jazz guitarist at the Tea Bazaar, Brother Breakdown at Radio Bistro, and an indie/punk House Show

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Tonight’s Tea Bazaar show looks like it might be pretty good; I didn’t initially recognize the name of Victor Villarreal, until I was reminded that he was the guitarist for Cap’n Jazz, the legendary Chicago group from waaay back in 1995, before “emo” was a word used to describe exclusively terrible things. He was bandmates in that group with the Kinsella brothers (who later went on to form Joan of Arc), as well as the guy from the Promise Ring. So; mid-90’s Chicago indie-rock with a good pedigree. He’s touring with another Chicago musician called Meryll, the solo project of a fellow named Andrew Hernandez, whom I’m not familar with, but he seems like he travels in many of the same circles. Local mid-90’s Chicago-indie-rock-enthusiast Scott Ritchie (who’s also half of Articulate Chewbacca, and the bassist for Infinite Jets) is opening the show as Errantry (which is a lot like his Myceum solo-project, but with more guitars). Doors at 9pm, cover’s $5.

Afterwards you should head on over to the C&O for Radio Bistro. Colin Powell is the guest DJ this week; you may know Colin as Brother Breakdown, half of the Grits & Gravy Soul + Funk Revue, as well as the co-host of WTJU’s excellent Radio Wowsville. He’s got fantastic taste in soul, funk, and rap, and fantastic taste on other genres as well; if you’d ever like to hear what Colin spins when he’s not in charge of a Soul dance party, come have a drink tonight. That’s 10pm to 2am, with no cover.

Also, there’s a show at the Magnolia House tonight; Spoonboy (a touring pop-punk band from DC), Chelsey Weber-Smith (a folk-punker who relocated to Cville last year and has been playing around here and there), Firetrucks (a Charlottesville pop-punk group whose name I have heard but whose music I have not), and Left and Right (accomplished indie-rockers and UVA students who have just returned from tour). It’s a house show, so I don’t know the time or the cover charge, but perhaps you can use your intuition and/or investigative journalism skills to figure that out?

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