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That’s right, you can win a pair of tix to this $35 TV on the Radio show right here on Nailgun.¬† The Show is happening this Saturday (the 9th, and we’ll have the write-up then) at the Jefferson, but you only have until this evening to win the tickets! Don’t ask me why, that’s just the way it works in the big fancy music biz.

All you have to do is email us a haiku about any of the following topics: the medium of Television, traditional broadcast Radio, Thomas Jefferson, the Buggles, the process of Winning Tickets, any previous appearances of this band in Charlottesville, the re-naming of local venues, and/or the genial nature of springtime weather!

Any haikus mentioning Charlie Sheen will immediately be disqualified (though I’ll allow Martin Sheen, and/or Emilio Estavez¬† if you pick one of his better roles). I’ll also be double-checking the entries with the haikus over at Howard’s new website to make sure you haven’t just recycled one of those.

… You have until 5pm this (Tuesday) evening. Go!


UPDATE:¬† We’ve picked a winner! Congratulations to JJ Cohoon. Here was his winning haiku entry:

No one ever heard
TJ on the radio
This will have to do

Second Place goes to Matt Simon; he doesn’t win any tickets, but he does win our admiration:

Spring time has arrived.
Listen to the radio!
Turn off your TV.

… and the Bronze No-Prize goes to Curt, who wrote the best of several Sheen-family related haikus (about one of my favorite films, no less):

flying in a car
emilio as otto

The rest of the entries are below… thanks to everyone for playing!

Can’t afford shows here!
Give me tix so I’m not bored.
Cville is pricey.

–Matt Leech

The repo man hears
The sound of falling ice cubes
And prepares for flight.

–Shaun Cullen

What is a Haiku?
TV on the Radio?
Nailgun Media?

–Matt Simon

Cookie mountain king
Sitting atop your hip throne
Dangling tickets

–Zak Krone

Dearest science please
End martin sheen’s cruel offspring
Spring demands tribute

–Zak Krone

Pitchfork headliners
Don’t make me go to chi-town
Even greater costs

–Zak Krone

what do you all know?
watching TV flowers bloom.
HGTV, y’all!


Television shows
about television shows
are always in vogue

–Sam Taggart

click here to play clip
TV on the iPhone sucks
slow circle of death

–Matt Bierce

ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ntelos


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