worn in red and an icp treat for you juggaloes

April 18th, 2010 · 68 Comments · By

Worn in Red is playing at The Jefferson tonight. No Idea! records in Gainesville, Florida put out their most recent release and that’s a pretty big deal. They’ve since been hyped in AP magazine, which you can have a glimpse at here. Nailgun founder and Eardrum curator John Ruscher actually used to be in Worn in Red, which seems kind of strange.

It makes sense for them to play with headliners Against Me! since they got their start on No Idea. In my opinion they quit releasing listenable music when they left the label. I actually saw them in 2002 at a Mexican restaurant in Lynchburg during a blizzard. The show should have probably been canceled and we all risked our lives getting there but we persevered because we were so excited a band we liked was coming to town (that never happened in Lynchburg back then.) It was a really exciting event at the time and my English teacher even gave us extra credit for going to the show. I don’t really know what they’ve been up to since 2003 but they did play at Plan 9 in Richmond yesterday with my absolute favorites: The Super Vacations. Also on the bill tonight are Dead to Me and Money Brother.  Doors are at 7 and it’s $15.

On an unrelated note, I was exposed to this Insane Clown Posse gem yesterday and I have pretty much been laughing ever since. How is this not a Lonely Island song?

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