Cville Experimental Music Showcase pt II at The Bridge tonight!

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Remember that amazing Experimental Music Showcase of local bands that Jacob put together at The Bridge a few months ago? Well, it’s happening again tonight! It’s going to be the same deal as last time, Ten acts in three hours, with an absolute minimum of change-over time between bands (i.e., near-instantaneous wish-gratification for more awesome music!)

It will start at The Bridge tonight at exactly at 8:00pm and with any luck will end precisely at 11:00… so that’s another situation where you definitely want to be on time! Furthermore, we’re keeping the schedule and set order an absolute secret until tonight, to encourage you to come and drink up a healthy survey of worthwhile music, rather than just trying to pop in for your one friend’s band or whatever. These are all interesting acts, all worth seeing, and the whole idea of a buffet-style sampler of different styles is a big part of what makes the whole thing so fun.

I’ll run down a little info on each of the acts tonight, and to maintain the setlist secrecy I’ll just use the order that’s on the poster:

Grapefruit Experiment is the new-er project of Wendy and Carey from Pinko Communoids and Dzian!; last time they played two contact-mic’ed bicycles, with a friend accompanying them on amplified cactus! This time they’ll be collaborating with Richmond-based noise artist Caustic Castle, who does prickly, harsh-yet-austere digital textures.

 Mss. is the current band of two of Charlottesville’s underground elder-statesmen, Tyler Magill and Josh Krahn.  Tyler plays organ and sings, Josh plays guitar over pre-programmed beats, and they sound really smart and lovely. Definitely one of the calmer projects from these two, but no less excellent. I once heard them play a Lungfish cover at a wedding. (Josh also designed the sweet poster for tonight’s show!)

Myceum is the solo keyboard-drone project of Scott Ritchie, former member of Cloeburner, drummer for the Raquellos, and sometime substitute in Great Dads. His stuff is the best kind of drone music, seemingly simple but also really dense and inviting and texturally deep and exciting. His set at the last showcase was one of the best I’ve ever heard him play.

Ultra Aesthetics Committee is the new name of the old project by Chris Balint and John Bowman, ex-housemates of mine who are really into all manner of experimental video and keyboard madness, including a whole lot of circuit-bending, large-scale improvisational jams, and some truly weird neon flavored post-acid good times vibes. You may have seen them under the names Mondo or Nectar Bats, or organizing the Armageddon Community Roundtable.

Great Dads is one of Adam Smith’s many side-projects; this one is a duo with ex-Truman Sparks guitarist Jeff Simmons,  in which they play a mess of synthesizers, drum machines, and a medium-sized pile of pedals through a small mountain of reverb and loopage, with appropriately unintelligably wasted echo-laden lyrics overtop. They sound a lot like Suicide or Cluster with a healthy dose of contemporary-underground-noise-act attitude for added excellence.

Rhythm Bandit is the project of Cville Wunderkind Dylan Mulshine, an inspiringly precocious kid whose been tearing shit up as a live act recently, with his inventive, energetic combination of drum pads, heavy keyboard washes, loop pedals, a live microphone, and a single snare drum. It’s leaning pretty heavily for Fuck Buttons territory, but with a heavier / looser live-improv messiness which actually reminds me a fair amount of the sort of post-punk electronic experimentation that eventually became Industrial music (Throbbing Gristle etc).

I don’t know much (or anything, really) about Living Things or Tatsuya Nakatani, I believe they’re both acts who have been brought into the mix by the folks at HzCollective; I’m sure they’re similarly excellent to the folks I’ve discussed above, and I’m excited to learn more about each of them.

As if that weren’t enough, there will also be a short film by Charlottesville musician and composer Jonathan Zorn, as well as a slew of live video craziness from Ultra Aesthetics’ Chris Balint and two more folks from Richmond! I’m seriously excited about this event (even more than I am excited about jumping in a swimming hole this afternoon, if you can believe that)! It’s definitely not something to miss. The cover charge is a mere $5 suggested donation (which is less than 50¢ per act), and you should show up at 7:30. No, really, you should show up at 7:30.

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