Shawn Kornhauser and Brandon Joyce at Lighthouse tonight!

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There’s an event at Lighthouse tonight which I think should be pretty awesome… it’s a lecture by Brandon Joyce and some videos by Shawn Kornhauser. It’s presented by The Bridge, but we moved the screening over to Lighthouse (in the LiveArts bldg) b/c it was double-booked with a private event over at The Bridge… either way, it’s gonna be pretty worthwhile and awesome, and I encourage you to attend.

Shawn is from Cville and I think Brandon used to live here as well, although they’re both based out of Philly now.  If you missed their heyday here in town, you may have caught them both at the  Chill Out? I Will Not Chill Out! show at The Bridge last October. That was the first time I had met Brandon, and he gave a pretty amazing lecture on Mythos; I for one thought it was mind-blowing, and it effortlessly walked the difficult balance between academic rigor and unpretentious approachability. So I’m eager to hear him speak again.

There’s also videos by Shawn, whose work I’ve always liked; in comparison with a lot of current young filmmakers, video artists, and documentarians, Shawn’s work is pretty refreshingly austere, and there’s some pretty worthwhile stuff being investigated… there’s always a pretty admirable and serious intent with his work (although it’s often not exactly clear precisely what those intentions are.)  He’ll be showing a short video portrait of a noise artist named Rob Francisco (which I believe he showed as a work-in-progress last fall) and another one about our own beloved Corndawg — I’m not sure if it’s Shawn’s classic Corndawg tour documentary from a few years ago (“I Was Concieved on the Fourth of July”) or a brand-new one, either way it oughtta be pretty good.

It’s at 8pm at Lighthouse, and the cover charge is $5!  And there’s a cool Tea House show afterwards, which perhaps Jacob can tell you more about…

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