The Garage, Dust, Darfur, a Ramone

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Lots of stuff tonight:

The Garage is having another show, in what looks like it’s becoming a weekly calendar:  tonight is Birdlips and The Hill & Wood. It’s a free show, starting at 9pm.  Two weeks ago I attended a show there for the first time, and it was pretty wonderful. It was a warm late fall evening, I was drinking from a paper bag in the park, surrounded by my friends and acquantances, and we all had a lovely time right in the middle of our own city. Honestly I’m surprised the cops haven’t caused any trouble there yet (knock on wood); I guess since the shows are early and the music tends to be on the mellower side, no one’s complained yet (certainly not me!) Anyway stop by the thing tonight. Birdlips are a sweet local couple who do keyboard-y indie-pop and are getting a lot of well-deserved good press. The Hill & Wood includes among it’s two members Sam (who co-runs the Garage space); they’re a folk duo named after the funeral home whose parking lot they share, and they sound a lot like John Denver.

Later on there’s a show at Dust, with Doofgoblin, Food Will Win the War, and Space Program. I believe this show was actually organized because both of the first two bands appeared in the Onion’s Worst Band Names of 2007 List. Despite the name Doofgoblin is a superb laptop/glitch musician, and a super-good dude, and we’re glad to have him in town. No idea about the other two bands, although Doof says they’re good.  Doors 9:30, $5 cover, and I think Doof is playing last…

There’s also the Concert for Darfur at the Paramount, with a variety of well-established “World” musicians. Tickets range from $15 to $88.

… and there’s a bluegrass show at Gravity, which actually includes Tommy Ramone, the last living member of the original Ramones line-up (as well as the guy who produced their first four albums (universally agreed upon to be their best ones, last I checked). Anyhow, these days he’s playing Bluegrass. CvilleMuse has a pretty good write-up here.

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