Two Shows, One Night: From the Wüf to the Fang

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@The Southern: Astronomers / Shagwüf /The Secret Storm  9:00, $7

@Main Street Annex:Evil Eye / Horsefang / Ferrigno / Lamaze  9:00, $7

Two shows of local bands present the concert-goer with a dilemma. On the one hand, Shagwüf is a must-see. As previously described here: Shagwüf  is Central Virginia’s Greatest Band — or at least they have as good a claim to the title as any. Hard-rocking, deep-grooving, angular and agile yet low-down and swampy, they deliver a sound more varied and dense with pleasure than should be possible. Add in The Secret Storm and Astronomers, another two of our strongest bands, and you have a classic Charlottesville line-up. 

On the other hand it is hard to resist another chance at a refreshing dip into the algal bloom of heavy music that has lately been infecting these parts. Tonigh The Annex will feature some some classically dirty American metal/hard rock, including the venerable instrumental trio Horsefang (if you have not seen the clip of the dance performance to their “River of Dead Horses”, I am including it below).

Fortunately, The Southern and The Annex (now to be known as The Anteroom or The Ante, apparently) are just around the corner from one another, and a dedicated music fan will be able to shuttle between them and, with luck, get the best of both worlds.




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Tonight: Loop 2.4.3, Dais Queue, Davis + Warren + Trapp

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Thursday 7/2 @The Teahouse: Loop 2.4.3 / Dais Queue / Davis + Warren + Trapp  9:00, $7


A night of experimental music at the Twisted Branch. Loop 2.4.3 is a percussion duo, with some electronics and occasional vocals in the mix. Good percussion is a great thing to experience live, and these guys know how to percuss, with driving rhythms, strange pulsations, and eerie blips and shimmers. Hitting things is one of the most basic vital actions, made transcendent by timing and the reverberative quality of the things hit. Underneath the mathy name and technical approach Loop 2.4.3 embodies very primal qualities of life, and if being alive is something you are into you might relate to this music.

Dais Queue is Davis Salisbury picking up his guitar and seeing what he can do with it (sometimes he hits it with a stick), generally with beautiful results. Davis + Warren + Trapp are UVa experimental musician/composers. I don’t know what they will be up to, but two of them are in Blood Moon so it might sound something like that.

When the aliens arrive experimental musicians will provide our only way of communicating with them. Don’t neglect these heroes of humanity and their messages of cosmic love and weirdness.

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Zomes, Katie Wood, Siamese Floater

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Friday 6/26 @The Teahouse: Zomes, Katie Wood, Siamese Floater  9:00, $7

I last saw Zomes in 2011, when it was just Asa Osborne (formerly of Lungfish) playing droning electric organ. It was good stuff, but since then he has been joined by Swedish vocalist Hanna Olivegren, whose often wordless singing adds a whole new level to the sound, taking it from simple minimalism to baroque minimalism, a kind of moody ethereal pop for melancholy urbanites seeking redemption but settling for longing, and pleasure. Done with Lungfishian integrity.

Katie Wood is one of our finer local singer-songwriters, has some darkness to her, and should be a nice fit for the evening. As should be Siamese Floater, which is the electronic music of Alex Tanson.

Might be a Quaalude  kind of night. I’ve never taken Quaaludes – most people who have are either dead or douchebags — but it seems like maybe it’s that, in a hopeful and complimentary  sense.

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Garage Sax

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Wednesday June 24th@The Garage: Jonah Parzen-Johnson  8pm

The weather will be beautiful tonight at eight, perfect for sitting on the west side of Lee Park listening to the music from The Garage. Jonah Parzen-Johnson makes “lo-fi experimental folk music for solo baritone saxophone and analog synthesizer,” and it should be perfect as that music, the soundtrack to the end of a beautiful June day. It’s all about that rich, deep baritone sax tone, drawn out and stretched life taffy, sounding like a lifetime of experience. That’s the core, the electronics come in as support. If you are suffering from a glut of loveliness in your life you might not want to come, otherwise you should not miss it.

You can read more here from the Daily Progress. 


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(06-18) Frequencies are born

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Frequencies a new monthly electronic music series is having its grand unveiling this evening over at the Main Street Annex and looks to be a real solid way to spend your night in the ville. Playing this show is The Voice Of Saturn who does awesome modular noisey dance sets that seem to get better and more wild each time I see him play so I would be shocked if tonight was any different. Also tonight we have Siamese Floater who does killer dark dance jams as well as Johnny Cretaceous who I’ve never seen play live but it sounds like he will be doing something tonight with a FX pedals 909 so that should be rad. So yeah def come out tonight y’all and support this cause this looks amazing and Charlottesville could def use more electronic music. On the real.

Doors for this are at 8PM and this costs only 5 bucks.

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The Return of Adam Busch

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This is going to have to be a short post for a full night. Deaf Scene is headlining a show at the Teahouse that should be pretty solid and futuristic. David Crosby is playing at The Paramount. He used to be in a band with Stills and Nash and, for a time, Young. A visit to the Garage is rarely going to be cause for regret and tonight you can check out the “Soul Swagger” of KaiL Baxley.  And over at the Southern you can see Gill Landry, singer-songwriter and member of Old Crow Medicine Show. Opening for him will be Adam Busch, who got his musical start here in Charlottesville in the 90′s with The Curious Digit and then Manishevitz, which soon decamped to Chicago. Most recently, but not that recently, he has come back to town with Sonoi. I don’t know what his solo material is like but, given his considerable singing, playing, songcrafting skills, it is probably well worth finding out. Music starts at 8:30 (and don’t underestimate the punctuality of The Southern), $14 will get you in.

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From Bhutan To Bloomsday

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Tuesday, 6/16, Bloomsday: @The Teahouse: TASHI DORJI / DUNUMS / JORDAN PERRY  doors at 8:30, $7

It is Bloomsday again, the day on which James Joyce’s Ulysses is set. The public library is sponsoring a celebration at Tin Whistle Irish Pub, which is sweet and maybe a good opportunity to grab a draft pint of Guinness, but misses the mark festively, artistically, historically, cosmically, comically, phenomenologically, and phantasmagorically. In short, categorically. A better bet would be to go to tonight’s show at the Teahouse.

Tashi Dorji is another one of those intense explorers of the guitar who come through town, rather more often than you would expect, to mesmerize small but appreciative audiences.He is an improviser, something like a less puritanical Derek Bailey, more willing to give familiar pleasures and repetitions in the course of his avant errancy. Because the avant garde of Bailey’s time, so fun while it lasted, is finished now (some would say it was finished then), that squadron having gone so far ahead they came back again, and discovered the world was round. Which, come to think of it, is what Joyce did in Ulysses, nearly a century ago. A great discovery to make! One now well enough made and known to call off the brave marching of the troops. Though it remains always true that in everyone’s experience there are frontiers, and the crossing of those. But not together as comrades-in-arms; maybe as friends.

Tashi Dorji is from Bhutan, land of Gross National Happiness, archery, poorly played soccer, and an abundance of Buddhist phallic symbols. He now lives in Asheville, the Bhutan of North Carolina, where he is probably nice enough to humor the locals when they call their charming hills “mountains”. Which matters for his music only to the extent that, being universal, it has to come from somewhere. Like Ulysses and Dublin.

You can read more about Dorji in Dave Cantor’s write-up for The Daily Progress. And check out his Bandcamp page, or spend some time with the Youtube playlist; this is music to linger in and absorb.

I was well impressed listening to Dunums, the work of Palestinian-American North Carolinian Sijal Nasrallah. His music has something in common with Dorji’s, but with lush atmospherics and a lean into fractured pop, so that without the juxtaposition one would not make the connection  And with vocals, including such lyrics as, in Arabic and from the song “Eater Syria”: A human without a memory is the memory of a human / Fatigue without motion is goat shit. Not sure how Dunums will sound live, but it should be well worth your attention.

Jordan Perry is the singer/guitarist with New Boss. I have no idea what his solo work is like, not having seen it before or listened online, maintaining an ignorance to allow for that pleasure of discovery you get from hearing a musician you know from doing one thing, do another thing. I look forward to it.

Don’t bother with the Irish pubs (though Boylan Heights is an option, as it shares its name with the character Blazes Boylan, and of course Daedalus Bookshop is a perfect place to stop in at). The best way to celebrate Bloomsday in Charlottesville, at least until they re-open the brothels, is with something like this show, where you can experience the reconfiguration of the world in imagination, right in front of you.

“So they turned on to chatting about music, a form of art for which Bloom, as a pure amateur, possessed the greatest love…”


Note: This show is also recommended to non-celebrants of Bloomsday (Orangemen? Jehovah’s Witnesses?).


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Friday Metal, Saturday Metal, Metal-On-Metal (Demo Derby)

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Friday 6/12 @Main Street Annex: DEMON EYE / BELDAM / AZATHOTH / MARSH HAWK  Doors at 8, $9

Saturday 6/13@ The Teahouse: PATHOGENESIS / HUMUNGUS / BLOODDRUNK TROLLS Doors at 8:30, $7

Saturday 6/13@ Mid-Atlantic Power Festival (Ruckersville): DEMOLITION DERBY & CARNIVAL!!  7:30, $15


The Charlottesville metal renaissance continues in force this weekend. To get this up sooner rather than later, and because I actually have no value to add, I will copy and paste from the Annex site:

Demon Eye – Taking their name from one of the darker tracks of the Deep Purple catalog, Demon Eye consists of four men, two New Yorkers, two Southerners, and one shared love for old school metal. Demon Eye’s heavy grooves and thunder rhythms channel the doom and crush of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, and the fist banging shred of early Iron Maiden. Demon Eye is hellbent on bringing their hook-laden, dark riffin’ songcraft to fans far and wide.

Beldam – Beldam is skull crushing doom metal from Charlottesville, VA. Drawing influences from Eyehategod, High on Fire, and Graves at Sea, they bring it from the pits of hell.

Azathoth – Virginia based metal with elements of death, thrash, and groove metal, formed from the center of the abyss. Combining their love of modern technical metal with the brutality and feel of heavy metal’s iconic pioneers, their sound is solid, melodic, and unrelenting.

Marsh Hawk – Coming from the Appalachian Mountains, Marsh Hawk melds the sound of old-school Blues-inspired Heavy Metal with 60’s Garage Psych and modern, backbreakingly heavy Doom.

I have not been to the Power Festival derby, but given that it is a Power Festival, devoted to beauty of internal combustion in motion, I have high hopes. If you have never seen a demo derby then you are in for a treat. Your first derby is something you never forget, like something you have been waiting for your whole life: the visceral excitement of roaring engines and smashing metal, the primal thrill of destruction as sport. If you have seen a derby then you know. You know.

After that you should still be able to catch most of the metal show at the Teahouse, to experience the musical equivalent. I have heard a rumor that after Saturday the Blooddrunk Trolls might not be playing for a while. And given the uncertainties of life and rock  – who knows? maybe never. So don’t miss this chance to see one of Charlottesville’s most dangerous and beloved bands try to turn the Tea Bazaar into a dark cave of gone-for-broke metal. Along with them, Humungus will be bringing the thrash from Richmond, while Pathogenesis comes from Raleigh with grinding death. There will also be a selection of a fine teas. Sip daintily in the storm of sound and laugh in the face of your mortal fate.

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eternal summers forever

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So one of Virginias finest groups Eternal Summers are right now out and about touring all around the USA this year and are tonight stoping by Charlottesville to bring their Jangly Garage Rock Pop perfection to the The Southern. Haven’t caught these guys the last couple times they come around but I think it would be safe to say that they are still putting out some of the best rock music in Virginia. Their right now touring on the their new LP Gold & Stone which from a little online steaming sounds real amazing and is some of their best work yet so it should be fun to see this new material live as well as well as just catch their already solid catalog of tunes.

Opening this show we have Richmond based Sleepwalkers who seem to be a combination of both the Paul Mccartney’s Wing’s coke laced pop and 2k10’s Slash/Dash Indie Rock that sounds both really catchy and fun. Also opening for this show is Fever The Ghost who are from that mecca we call Brooklyn and they do their solid job at bleeding lots of 60’s psych rock vibes being with a splash of some modern indie trends that ends up creating some nice fun music. Both sets in short seem quite interesting so show up and check them out folks.

Doors for this are at 7PM and this one costs $$10$$ bucks

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When it rains it pours folks and tonight is one of those nights where you have lots of things to choose from. Many different genres to choose from so definitely stop enjoying this nice weather and go spend your hard earned money on one of tonights events.

Happening over at the IX Art Park tonight we have a real big electronics show going on. Headling this one is Gobby from NYC who makes real killer harsh and chooped up dance jams that are mad sick. Another act on this that I’m real excited about on this bill is Doofgoblin who was definitely one of my favorite locals artists to watch back in my formable high school years is back in action (at least for this show). I’m honestly not sure if he really makes new music anymore but it should still be fun to see what this guy has been up to. Rounding up the bill we have lots of other usual locals that have been on these Mr. Cool Ice shows. Acts like Ming Ming, Nu Depth, Voice Of Saturn, etc. Doors for this are at 8PM and costs $$3$$

Now tonight the Tea Bazaar looks to be hosting something that is a rare sight to behold at that establishment, what I’m speaking of is that Hip-Hop is gracing tea house. Im quite unfimilar with Charlottesville’s Hip-Hop scene but tonight looks to be an interesting glance into what that world is. Headlining the bill are Cognitive Dissidents which is a local cville hip hop group that seems drenched in a 90′s throw back type of sound. Opening this show is Equally Opposite who have a more modern splash on Hip-Hop as well as St. The Dame who I don’t know nothing about cause his Soundcloud is full of just other peoples music and not his own. Doors for this are at 8:30PM and the show is $$7$$

If all this sounds like rubbish to you and your more into some something with a little more rock then guess what the Main Street Annex has got that for you guys. Always awesome metal act Valkyrie is back in Charlottesville throwing down lots of duel guitar solos and harmonized vocals that have a sort of Deep Purple type of feel to them. Opening for this show is Salvaticus who do a classic black as black Doom Metal thing as well as Charlottesville classic Horsefang who always put on a fun more melodic type of Metal set that also is wrapped in lots of bleakness and heavy procession. Doors for this is at 9PM and this show is $$10$$

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