hey so onwe is back in town

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So as I lounge about here on a slow work shift dealing tacos I feel like I should throw out that there is a real sick show happening at the tea house tonight you should check out.Onwe is coming through Charlottesville again this month and if you caught their set at Al Hamara you know that these guys are trill. Anyhow I’m gonna be a literary great and just throw up some pre written Facebook press cause you know I’ve gotta go clean a deep fryer now and live the restaurant dream.

ONWE: Shortly after the debut of their first single, “Unpaid Internship” on Portals back in February, ONWE has risen to become a highly recognizable if not controversial band within the Brooklyn music scene. ONWE is fronted by an eccentric and enigmatic character known as David Wells – a satirical figure that represents the stereotypically privileged and apathetic millennial. While Wells’ antics have at times bordered on excess, there is no doubt that behind the ruse lies an immensely talented musician and captivating songwriter. ONWE is currently writing and recording new material which they plan to release in early 2015 and will be touring the United States and Europe throughout the rest of the year.


Nicholas Nicholas is the hazy dark-pop project of Brooklyn’s Chris Masullo (also of Heavenly Beat) and friends. Masullo self released his debut Comfort Falls in 2013– a “vaporware take on a John Hughes film” according to Portals. Nicholas Nicholas’ sophomore effort ‘Wrong’ was released on cassette via Miscreant Records in August of 2014, recognized by FADER as “a triumph of morning dew and melodrama” The band is preparing a new release for 2015.


Cville experimental electro funk


Doors: 9PM /// $$seven$$

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Wednesday: Gull, Katie Wood, Eula, maybe a cup of tea

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3/25 @ The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar: Gull / Katie Wood / Eula  9:00  $7

This should be a very nice Wednesday night show, the kind you weren’t necessarily going to go to but then are so glad you did. In the secret freedom of Wednesday night, away from the tumult and lies of the weekend, in a minor pause, we may receive the pure-hearted and offhand grace of music with all the gratitude due to it.



Gull is Nate from Snacktruck, doing his intense one-man guitar&drums/vocals-through-a-mask thing. He is a frequent and popular visitor to Charlottesville and you’ve probably seen him play but if not you really ought to get to it, you won’t be disappointed.

Katie Wood is a local singer-songwriter who has played many shows recently but not the ones I have been to. But listening to her on the link above makes me think I have missing out. Dark, with flecks of gold; no friend to the boring.



Eula is a Brooklyn band with a jagged, jittery, but slinky too, post-punk sound. They bring more of the compacted, intelligent intensity that should characterize the whole night. And they might bring it very strong, and be really exciting to see.

I started on this post just because it has been awhile since the last one, and not with any real interest in the show, which I was planning on skipping. But after doing the listening for it I have come around: this is not one to skip. This is one of those under-the-radar Wednesday night ninja assassins of a show that creeps through the window to slit the throat of the week’s tedium.


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Saturday: Miami Nights, Blooddrunk Trolls, Diseased Earth

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SATURDAY 3.14 @ The Twisted Branch Tea B: Miami Nights, Blooddrunk Trolls, Diseased Earth


Charlottesville knows Miami Nights. The Max Katz solo doom project that darkly blossomed into a trio of heavy, of honest heavy, no bullshit heavy– just the truth, the truth of the sound and the voice and the riffs and the rhythm. A pounding truth of Here Now Earth Roar. And the simple pleasure there. The power there. This is the music you grooved to in the womb, that Mama’s heartbeat music, if that womb was the molten core of the Earth, and Mama the whole of Creation.

So I wrote in my very first Nailgun post, back in late November. Now we come back to it, back to Miami Nights, back to heavy. Returning to the well, to the roots, to the bedrock. What’s heavy is what anchors. Miami Nights is not decorating the world with fancy sparkles, like those fancy sparkles bands. They offer no distraction. They don’t throw a stick for the eager doggy-eyes of the soul. They don’t transport you to exotic locales with coral beaches lit by an unquenchable sun and the blazing green fire of palm trees.( That’s another band, also well worth seeing). You go to Miami Nights to return to yourself, to your core.. To grab hold of that anchor and let the great waves of sound blast away all the grime, the shit, the barnacling lies of life. This is something you need, and in the accomplishment of this necessity there is joy. So you really don’t want to miss a Miami Nights show.

I hadn’t seen Blooddrunk Trolls so I asked Max, who I knew had been impressed with them before and eager to play with them again, to give Nailgun a few words about them, which she did via text message. Since then, just a few hours ago, I did see them play, at Magnolia, and they made a pretty strong impression on me as well. But her opinion is worth a lot more than mine on this, and her expression a lot more to the point, so I defer to what she had to say about the band:

“Carpetbomb the corner” is one of their hits [...] Kevin from salvaticus is drumming his head off in technically supreme fashion and, if yr lucky, swirling his hair or doing some Cookie Monster death growls. Luke is thrashing the guitar and specializing in irreverence. Technical expertise in abundance but sort of just to be able to say, fuck it, really loudly and over and over again.They pretty much ruled last time I saw them.

Along with this Charlottesville metal we will also getting some of the Staunton varietal from Diseased Earth. All I know of them is what you can hear yourself from following the link above. Sounds like they will fit in nicely, helping to make this a night of epic intensity. Hear this and know that you are just a dying animal… but not dead yet.




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Tonight 3/12 @ Tea Bazaar: Left and Right, Rhombus, and Kindergarden

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3/12, 8:30 p.m. @ Tea Bazaar: Left and Right, Rhombus, and Kindergarden.

tl;dr: come to this show. it will be worth it.

Listen up, dummies.

Three bands we all already love are returning. We’ve seen them all separately at Cville’s various venues at least once in 2014, and now they are uniting on a three-band bill of musical goodness. Are you in love? Do you hate someone? Do you have any feelings? None? Then, this is the show for you.


Left and Right (Cville homies now hailing from Philly)

Like Jets to Brazil, but less sappy/wimpy. Like Jawbreaker, but less sore-throaty. Left and Right keeps the turn of the millenium indie pop punk gods from dying by bringing us some fresh jams with up-to-date attitudes. I now defer to nailgun’s resident Left and Right expert, Amanda. See what she had to say the last time they were coming to town. I was there, and it was an awesome show. L@@k: http://www.nailgunmedia.com/blog/?p=8272#more-8272)

Look how fun this looks:

Check out their bandcamp: http://leftandright.bandcamp.com/


Rhombus (Chesapeake, VA)

I have to say that this is the band I am most excited to see tonight. This is most likely since I have not yet seen them. If you were lucky enough to see them when they played last September, let us know in the comments. But it is also because of what I noticed while listening to their tracks on band camp. First, it was Hannah’s vocals, loud and proud. But that guitar work, tho. Subtly ornate. The real surprise is when, from time to time, they moderately flirt with some really discordant intervals, à la polvo, wedding present, etc. Always a pleasant surprise, and tastefully done.

Check out their bandcamp: http://rhombusva.bandcamp.com/releases


Kindergarden (Cville)

Okay, so last time I called them rock-teases (and I meant that in a good way!), but they certainly delivered the goods that night. Plus, we are all obligated to love the holy rock three-piece. It’s a religious imperative. The singer can really belt out some Curtis-y dynamism over their tight ass-rock (N.B. not “tight-ass rock.” that’s for homophobes and misers). Don’t miss these guys. Their web-presence does not faithfully represent how many songs they have to offer, and they don’t play nearly enough yet. Be there or be a figure with four straight equal sides and four right angles.

Check their bandcamp and soundcloud:



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(03-08) Darsombra / Buck Gooter / Claim Culture / Whorecough @ Main Street Annex

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So I’m gonna be real here with y’all. I totally forgot about this show myself till today and I need to head to work real soon and while other nailgun contributors might of done something later in the day about this one I’m gonna at least copy and paste the pre-written Facebook disruption of the show show cause this show is gonna be really sick. So yeah make me jealous while I’m at work and head out to this one tonight Charlottesville.

Darsombra -Transcendental audio/visual rock duo Darsombra have packed and prepared their space shuttle for launch, readying themselves for journey to inner space. Brian Daniloski (a veteran of metal bands Meatjack and Trephine), pilots, navigates, and controls the sound of Darsombra, alternating between searing guitar riffs, leads, loops, mammoth vocal swells, and soundscapes. He takes one part metal, one part psychedelic rock, one part experimental, and dashes of prog, glam, and krautrock, to soundtrack the voyage. Filmmaker Ann Everton stewards us along the way by projecting her kinetic, psychotropic videos specifically composed to Daniloski’s music, engulfing the audience within the trip.

Buck Gooter – Primal, industrial blues come at max volume from this Richmond group. Combining industrial, noise, rock and an inclination towards the strange, Buck Gooter sheds all manner of conformity for a fresh sound that’s all their own.

Claim Culture – With ethereal sound portraits offset by dark (arts) jazz interlude jams, Richmond’s Claim Culture is post-rock doomgaze at its finest. CC’s live performances have a tendency to envelope audiences in ambience and not let them go until the final rote has rung out

Whorecough – Harrisonburg no holds barred punk, fronted by the wonderfully raspy vocals of Natalie Strickland.

Doors: 7PM // $$7$$

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Back Then Forward, To Bombay Harmabee, Hypercolor, & Azores

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After the show at the Teahouse Wednesday I walked back to Nailgun Headquarters and immediately started writing a post entitled “Fuck You, Charlottesville”. I quickly realized that it was going to be hard to follow up on a title like that; it gives you no place to go but down. And also that it might not be a good idea, at such an august and respected website, to blog while intoxicated, whether on whiskey, music, beer, or heartbreak. Or, as the case was, all of those. So that idea was abandoned. But I just want to say… Oh Charlottesville, that show was so great, you should have been there, and you weren’t. Not all of you should have been there, that would have been uncomfortable.. But maybe twenty people? Enough to form a crowd, more than just the scattering of bodies that were there. Over a thousand people came to the Paramount to see Gov’t Mule Friday night, paying a lot more money, some driving hours to get there. Why not twenty, or even thirty, for Yonatan Gat, and Big Weird, and Ministroy? (Not the most harmonious collection of names, I will admit.) Three completely different acts, each completely satisfying in its own way.

Ministroy sounded like some of those slinky, pulsating, mysterious compositions of John Zorn, writing for strings and percussion. Very much looking forward to hearing more of Chris Dammann’s work in the future. Big Weird played the simple, direct, straight-up rock that, when you hear it, makes you wonder why don’t all bands play like this? why don’t they stop messing around and get to it? Their set would probably have gone over even better with a tight-packed crowd of boisterous partiers than it did to an empty room marginally punctuated by aging misfits.

And Yonatan Gat, along with Gal Lazer on drums and Sergio Sayeg on bass, tapped directly into the Primal Source, the Godhead, and let loose Its Energy in a spinning spiraling multi-hued  pinwheel of ecstatic sound. Forget I even mentioned superficial wankery — I was unhappy with that post immediately after I put it up and then again after I took it down, revised it, and put it back up (despite its excellent points and, as it turned out, uncanny prescience). This was no superficial wankery, this was hardcore deep-diving fuckery. The skill and flourish of the musicians was not a mere display of technical virtuosity, but the organic expression of of the energies being channeled, driven not driving, the musicians made by the music, the players given over to the play. Like everything good.

When I told Yonatan Gat that I was sorry there weren’t more people there, he replied, with quick and firm confidence, “It does not matter.” And because he said it with an accent it sounded profound. Then I said, “well, thanks for playing like it did not matter.” And because I was drunk that sounded profound, to me. Now I am so sure of the profundity of this exchange. But maybe there is something there. And I remember that I heard Mike Watt say much the same thing, faced with a small audience (not so small as Wednesday night’s, it qualified as a crowd and I think someone even made an absurd attempt at crowd-surfing, but the room was much bigger) at Trax many years ago, while giving a similarly great performance. It is obviously the wise attitude for the performer and maybe it is for the audience member as well. Devotion to the music, detachment from the circumstances.

The thing is, we missed you. Music so joyful wants sharing.

Too late now, now we can only go forward to the next show. Of course it probably won’t be as truly great, you can’t expect that lightning to hit twice in one week at the same spot. (or can we?) But tonight’s Teahouse show has the promise of excellence and, given that it is the weekend, better attendance.

Hypercolor is another instrumental drums-bass-guitar group with another Israeli-born New York guitarist who has serious cred among those who know his work. This time that guitarist is Eyal Maoz. James Ilgenfritz is on bass. He composed an opera adaptation of William Burroughs’ The Ticket That Exploded. The drummer is Lukas Ligeti, who you may have seen when he came through town about five years ago. He is the son of the Hungarian composer. They are on John Zorn’s Tzadik label, and fit into that general Downtown avant-jazz-rock-etc. scene over which he appears to preside as Rabbi, Magus, and Stakhanovite-In-Chief. Their ecstasies may be more more muted than Yonatan Gat’s but they too are initiates into many mysteries and well acquainted with half the sounds you have never heard. Late tonight time itself will shudder and jump, crossing over to a new continuum. This show should give us good preparation for that, as these men are masters of time, in both its regularities and eccentricities, keeping and losing it.

There is nothing Indian about Bombay Harmabee, nor anything Portuguese about Azores. That is disappointing, but from what I have heard their music is not. They both inhabit, though in different neighborhoods, a large territory of indie American music, full of the bounce of pop vitality and also the threat of what a grinding guitar can do to a man’s face, that I find difficult to invade with words, even the most inappropriate words. I should probably try to get hold of whatever manual they have over at Picthfork, or learn how chords work. Until then, I leave it to you to follow the links above to discover the pleasures of these bands yourself.

Remember, the gnawing regret of music missed can haunt you for the rest of your life, and even after that, if you end up in hell.





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March 5th 2015 AKA Snowmageddon

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Hey so just like so many nights this recent reality the weather is terrible. So I don’t even know for sure if either of tonights shows are happening so be weary of that but there are some events going on tonight so yeah if you live near the Downtown area or are able to drive on snow unlike myself than yeah go out and attend one of these. But you know also don’t be dumb and be safe.

So over at Magnolia tonight we got some solid party jams. Michael Collins who is an on again off again member of Prince Rama fame will be playing some Sythy Gothy dance jams that can be hypnotic and transcendental like his work with Prince Rama but with more of a noisy bite. Supporting the show is David Greenberg who will throw out all that electronic stuff and do a nice acoustic singer songwriter songs that from a very quick internet glance will sound like a blend of both sincerity and playfulness done in a nice way. Anyway the show should start around 10PM and you know if you come have some $$money$$ to give to the bands

Also going on tonight is a Folky Rocky type of affair happening over at The Southern. Headlining the show is Murder By Death who are an Alt Country band that combine throwback folk vibes mixed with rockabilly and other quasi sassy elements. Opening for them is Brooklyn based Folk group O’death who do a very similar folky thing as Murder By Death but instead with a little bit of a noisier raunchier sound that at times feels like it is attempting to be some new age Tom Waits Folk spirit. Anyway doors for this are at 7PM and the show starts at 9PM and this bad boy is $$17$$

So it looks like the Murder By Death show has been postponed to a future date. So yeah don’t go to The Southern tonight cause you will be disappointed

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Wednesday With Yonatan Gat, Big Weird, & Ministroy

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3/4/15 at The Tea Bazaar: Yonatan Gat / Big Weird / Ministroy   9:00 $8 



February was a quiet month here in Charlottesville, which I took as an opportunity to take a break from live music and practice for the cold silence of the grave, until Microkingdom sounded the fanfare of resurrection with an amazing set at Magnolia. And now it is March and just take a look at what’s on the calendar for this month, plenty of springtime promise, staring with this show, which is a good bet to be a must-see.

Yonatan Gat was the guitarist in Monotonix, an Israeli band that achieved fame and infamy for their wild frenzied pyromaniacal balls-out (sometimes quite literally) live shows. They also toured as an opener for The Silver Jews (I first learned of them from a poster for one of those shows that hangs in my kitchen), which I can only think of as an act of sheer perversity on the part of David Berman. Gat is doing something different now, leading his own trio as a globally eclectic guitar virtuoso.  And if that sounds like a dubious proposition to you, it does to me too. A virtuoso is in danger of forgetting what the word instrument actually means. Eclecticism can you lead away from that singular thing that is yours to find and to give. So you might approach such a musician with suspicion as well as hope. And listening to Gat at first I did find him a mixed bag. Some of his playing I was tempted to dismiss as superficial wankery (of course, one person’s wankery is another’s ecstasy, who’s to say?).  At other points he reminded me of the great Sonny Sharrock. Terrific. And maybe this mixed quality makes the music all the more exciting, more interesting, more of an adventure for the listener. And so I listened some more to what I could find online, and read the rave reviews of their shows, and was more and more sold on this band (I should mention that his bassist and drummer are also excellent players, it’s not just his show) and my doubts faded away. These guys can really bring it. They have the energy and the spirit and the talent. The only thing more that is needed for a truly great live performance, the kind you might still be talking about years later, is us, the audience. Come out to the Teahouse and be a part of it.

Big Weird is from Harrisonburg and they play garage punk and should be a blast.

Ministroy is a one-off from jazz bassist and composer Chris Dammann, a Chicago transplant to Charlottesville who I have not yet seen play, joined by Loren Oppenheimer on tablas and Cathy Monnes on cello, both of whom I can vouch for. The chance to hear what they’ve put together would be reason enough to see this show, if there were no others.

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Febuary 26th 2015

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Hey guess what there are shows going on tonight. Like lots of shows. Seriously get out of the house and go out and have fun.

Over at The Southern tonight we have Charlottesville Art Pop powerhouse Borrowed Beams Of Light are doing a tape release show for their new tape release split with New Boss who as you can guess are also playing this show and are also as you can guess are real awesome Charlottesville Rock n Roll Supergroup. Been listening to the singles they have online for this tape and it sounds really sick so more than likely they will have tapes for sale at the show if you feel like owning one. Opening the show is Klauss another local Charlottesville rocker of a group that wil fit well with the vibes of this show. Doors are at 8:30PM for this and the show is $$8$$

Now happening over at the Tea Bazzzar tonight we have a nice throwbacky Rock n Roll show happening. Headlining the show Hartle Road which is a 60s psychie rock pop throwback from Missiouri that has those The Turtles vocals being backed by a real solid rock n roll back beat. Opening the show is Girl Choir which is a real solid Charlottesville group older bros rocking out hard with some punk vibes. Also opening is The Moonbees which is also in the vein of some 60s psychy garage rock sound and sounds pretty chill. Anyway doors for this are at 9PM and the show is $$7$$

Also going on tonight is a more of the whacked out happening at Magnolia. Heading the show is Microkingdom who are a really sick Free Jazz act out of Baltimore that feature Marc Miller of Oxes who do something that sounds quite a lot like Peter Broztman. You know in fact they have even done an album with him. Opening the show is some Charlottesville Jam Band called Prance who will be doing something all synthy and freaked out. Also opening is John Mingsley aka Ming Ming. I don’t know what he is going to do for sure but it will probably be rad. Doors are at 9ish, you know bring like $$3$$

Oh and if you really don’t want to go to a show and deal with people but want to sit at a bar and listen to some sick tunes you can head over to Yearback Taco and see Greg Sloan spin some vinyl. This I would assume is free and will start round drinking time and end at last call.

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(02-20-2015) Corsair / Demon Eye @ Main Street Annex

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Burrrrrrrr its cold out here in Virginia. So right now as I chill at my friends parents mini mansion living it up in a mad heated house and before I feel like a Hip-Hop royalty and get in on some hot tub action I wanna throw out that this Friday February 20th a real killer Metal show is happening at the Main Street Annex

If your been around in Charlottesville for a while then you already know bout Corsair and what they are about but for those who don’t know they have been one of the main definitions of how Charlottesville isn’t just a total folky city and can also kill it in the whole rock n roll thing. 70s throw back cock rocking metal is what they do and they are kings at this affair. For this show they will be doing two sets during the evening, one of their older material and one of the new material of the new album One Eyed Horse. So if you haven’t caught these guys yet or just wanna go out and have a good time their is really not better place to be this Friday than catching this show.

Supporting Corsair for this set is Raleigh North Carolina’s Demon Eye another act that is influced by the Old School Metal style. This stuff sounds a lot like Black Sabbath which is like almost always a good thing. Lots of heavy hitting rhythm and loud n raw guitars, so yeah come by early n catch these guys slay.

Also while not listed online anywhere I’m almost positive that Chris Hays aka Phil Free of WTJU’s Black Circle Revolution will be DJing in-between these sets and maybe afterwards if y’all r down to party. Bro knows his Rock n’ Roll so he is gonna kill it.

Doors: 9PM

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