A Heavy Thursday Lineup at Magnolia

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Thursday May 18 @Magnolia: Lugweight / John Niekrasz / Thieves of Shiloh / Och / Maxx Katz  9pm, $5-7

So this is a very recently booked show, people might not of heard of it, and attention must be paid. It’s an experimental night of metal, drone, free drumming and general sonic trepanation. Lugweight is coming from New York with some one-man noisy doomy riffs and drones. John Niekrasz is the drummer, Maxx Katz says he is ‘awesome’ so that is probably true; catch him before he moves out of state. Thieves of Shiloh has does drones with violin,  one of the most classic and most elegant forms of droning. Och is a two-piece black metal band that should provide the evening with some of its more rockish pleasures. And Maxx Katz is continuing to explore the great possibilities — like chocolate and peanut butter — of bring the flute into her solo doom music. (The great video of her last performance at Magnolia won’t embed but you can see it here.)

It should be an excellent night at Magnolia, a place that seemed to have fizzled out, but now there are some new people there who are doing a really great job of bringing the music. Keep an eye out for their shows.



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The Quick Return of Everybody

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For Friday’s Magnolia show I can just refer to my last two posts — it is the return of Maxx Katz and her Flute of Doom and Sunwatchers, both recently, but differently nightedly, rockin’ the Teahouse to great effect and universal acclaim. Plus Travis Thatcher and Steve Snider as Space-Saver, who also played wild sounds there in March, and an improv set by John Niekrasz, Chris Dammann and Kevin Davis. This is a potent brew of musical intoxicants, spikey, colossal, sometimes colostomal,  possibly inducive of headache and nausea in the weak of spirit, but you’ve just got to ride that out until the visions come and it will all be okay. Also, the Sunwatchers album is a very worthy purchase if you get around to it.

Much like Steve Snider, but on a larger scale, Mavis Staples is a true legend. You can check her out at the Paramount Saturday night.


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RIP Henleys // Macrock 2016

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Spring is supposedly upon us now and as usually its the time of year for lots of great things to start happening around town. Couple of real tight things going on this week that you should def look into to help shake those soul crushing basketball blues. One actually isn’t even in town but its close enough so why not.

On Wednesday March 30th over at the IX Art Park, Henley’s Auctions is having its last hurrah with a bunch of real sick killer acts including one from far away music utopia Berlin, Germany. Headlining this is said foreign invaders dubbed Plattenbau who make real great hard hitting psych noise rock that has a real ruckus energy and super catchy sound that just absolutely slays. While these guys are gonna be super there are a bunch of other boss local openers are on this bill who should also kill it. We’ve got Petal who make real noisey and fierce rock anthems, Witch Boots who will make chill dark n’ spooky folk rock as well as Dais Queue who makes killer and space out ambient guitar jams. So yeah Doors @ 8PM / Show @ 9PM & the show is $$SEVEN$$.

Now this coming Friday & Saturday (April 1st & 2nd) marks that time of year where many in the Virginia area make a pilgrimage to the glorious city where Natty Light & Chanello’s Pizza rein supreme called Harrisonburg for Macrock which is a real sick music fest that has been going on like 20 years now. This years line up is one of the best I’ve seen them have in ages and is definitely worth the journey. Bunch of real impressive acts like Noise legends Wolf Eyes, fuzzed out Techno king Container, Baltimore’s new age R&B master Abdu Ali, as well as Virginia greats Buck Gooter just to name a few. So yeah heres a link to all the bands and times for the whole fest HERE and down below are some videos of some of the other highlights of the fest.

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Easter Weekend Mayhem

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@Paramount: Basketball, Free, 7:10
@Teahouse: Maxx Katz/Hayden Arp/Winterweeds  $5 or maybe $7, 9ish
@AnteRoom: Death Shroad/Throaat/Salvaticus/Surgeon/Heavy Burner/Heavy Temple/Horseburner/Lamaze  $13, 7ish

@Teahouse: Jolie Fille, The Green Hearts, Fried Egg  $7, 9ish
@PVCC: William & Mary Middle Eastern Music Ensemble  $10/$12, 7:30

The most metal Good Friday since the original Good Friday. The Ante Room is bringing eight bands to bear. Double heavy, double burners, double horses… and more. Your satisfaction, though not your safety, is guaranteed to be provided by at least one of these bands. Alas, Miami Nights will not be one of them, but Maxx Katz is playing a stroll away at the Tea Bazaar, solo style. Her set promises not only heavy riffs and fierce barbaric yawping but possibly, if we are lucky, flute. Also: Hayden Arp, who creates music for chapels or chapels out of music, and renowned local flavor extractor Joseph Zehner as Winterweeds, marshalling ill-mannered electrons into music. And if you love basketball, or just hate the state of Iowa, you can check the Virginia vs. Iowa State game for free on the big screen at The Paramount.

You know what kind of music Jesus used to listen to before they killed him? Middle Eastern music. And so can you Saturday night at the Dickinson building at Virginia Piedmont Community College. You want ouds? They got ouds. And daffs, tars, bendirs, riqqs, and others, the great Tabl Baladi and the zithery qanun. All these delightful instruments that you will not hear being played around here too often, and, depending on the next election, possibly never again. Or, if you are in a more punk mood, the Tea Bazaar is hosting  a “Central VA Punktacular & Landlords Re-Release”. Come celebrate the legacy of The Landlords, Charlottesville’s epochal, possibly seminal, and second punk band with Jolie Fille, The Green Hearts, and Fried Egg.

Yo La Tengo is playing on Easter Sunday at The Jefferson, and they’re pretty good.



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(03-22) Idiot Glee / Murals / Ming Ming / Cream Dream @ Henley’s Auctions

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So hopefully you where at that Tortoise / Mind Over Mirrors show last Sunday cause we slipped on promoting it here (not like it really needed the help) but OMG that one was stellar show. Guess what though there are lots of great things on the horizon for this town of towns and tonight over at Henley’s a real stellar Rock N Roll affair will come crashing upon us to bring some amazing psych esc enjoyment.

Kings of the evening Idiot Glee who are from Lexington Kentucky and they make real amazing electronic spiced rock music that channels the best 70s era Brian Eno rock yet has a smooth almost dad rock chill vibe to it. Their new self titled LP is one of the better albums I’ve heard so far this year so its real awesome this band stopping on by in town. On tour with them is Murals also from Kentucky that makes real awesome psych rock that has a real 60s California psych day dreaming sound being mixed with modern garage indie rock. Also on board we have solid local support from both Ming Ming and Cream Dream who will rep VA well and make some tight Rock N’ Roll / Electronic jams.

Now this show costs money, lets say its 5 dollars and bands will probably start playing round 9 o clock ish.

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Sunwatchers, Gull, Dais Queue Tonight

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Wednesday, March 9 @Teahouse: Sunwatchers, Gull, Dais Queue 9:00PM, $7


As I heard a policeman point out this morning : the turtles are out sunning themselves, the rabbits bounding in the fields, the tiny frogs tune their big voices and begin to sing — verily the springtime has arrived. Time to climb out from under the covers, untangle from the headphones, unburrow and empty the trash. To come to the Tea Bazaar, which I believe can sell beer again, but you should probably arrive already drunk just in case, and hear some music that will wake you up, clarion to the coming of the light.

Dais Queue is Davis, of Grand Banks and around here, sounding out his guitar for us, curiously probing its possibilities.  You likely have seen him play before and would like to see him play again. Gull is Nathaniel Rappole, and the same can be said of him. Drums, guitar, microphoned mask — he wanders the earth with these, a musical secret agent, slipping in to the lives of the unwary with hot licks and weird spells, seemingly everywhere and nowhere at once. Sunwatchers we have not seen before, but members of the band have come through town to blow our minds from time to time, with NYMPH, Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel Band, and Dark Meat. I imagine one Sun they’re watching is Ra, another the gigantic light-spewing sphere of super-hot plasma that all our business revolves around. Possibly also Jesus, homophynically. These guys seem like they might be able tap into the kinds of unlabeled energies that we so desperately need here in Charlottesville, so let’s all show our appreciation and come out and bask. This light can only heal with direct exposure.

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(02-25) Frequencies V: Siamese Floater / Luke Dahl / Kentucky Fitz @ The Ante Room

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Its been a while since there has been a Frequencies event in town so its nice to see that tonight at The Anteroom one is going down and as always it should be a solid night of electronic bangers and sick ass jams. On the bill for the night we have local artists Siamese Floater who like I literally just mentioned in the post before makes real amazing techno spiced avant grade beat jams that are crazy sweet . Also on the bill is local talent Luke Dahl who sound is very inspired by 90s house but with a lots of modern noise tendencies and spaced out vibes. Also on board from the far away distances Richmond Virginia we have Kentucky Fitz who himself makes some stellar modular dance jams that like the rest of the bill is totally catchy and totally noisey. Doors for this are at 8PM and this sucker costs $$FIVE$$.

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(02-16) Siamese Floater / In Sontius Lux / Ryan Maguire @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

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We’ve got a pretty good one going on tonight over at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Katie Wood who recently took over the reins booking at the space and has been keeping the spirit alive their with some some real solid shows and tonight is no exception. Headlining this is local champ Siamese Floater who makes real amazing techno fused sound pieces that are very atmospheric and mesmerizing. He always put on pretty stealler sets and tonight should not be any different. Rounding up the bill we have In Sontius Lux from Atlanta who make very sonic and explorative ambient jams with a Hang instrument and some sort of Rock esc backing ensemble. Music has a very rambling laid back vibe channeling something almost Laraaji like. Their set should defiantly be something really chill and quite mesmerizing. Also on the bill is local talent Ryan Maguire who who has been for years putting together amazing sprawling guitar and electronic based fuzzed ambient pieces, which like the rest of this show it has a very heavy but relaxed vibe that is quite hypnotic and impressive.


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Cornor Extravaganza // January 28-29th 2016

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So something totally crazy is happening in tonight and tomorrow (January 28th & 29th respectfully). There are back to back reasons to head on up to the corner to catch some real awesome music. This is something I don’t think I have seen since the glorious year of 2007 when we still had the Satellite Ballroom up their and it was slaying it real hard. Anyway def check these one out cause both should be really tight experiences.

On Thursday thanks to WTJX and UVA we have a real sick show happening at the UVA Chapel. Headlining this from Asheville is Elvis Depressidley who makes some real solid fuzzed out rock that from its name you can easily guess has a somewhat downcast vibe but with his music he creates great atmospheric shoe gazed rock that is full of lots of electronic blissed out sounds and noise tendencies. Their record New Alhambra that came out last year was one of the more enjoyable straight rock albums to come out of the year so its totally sweet they are coming to Charlottesville to do their thing. While their being on the bill is already worth the price of admission also playing is Ricky Eat Acid from Maryland that makes solid new age ambient dance music that has a very organic collage like feel to it and is definitely mega chill. Rounding up the bill is Brooklyn’s Cende that makes your a typical power poppy punk garage rock type of thing. Anyhow this show starts at 7PM and is $$14$$

Now on Friday Over at Old Cabel Hall the Jack Quartet who are a real amazing stringed quarter focused on presenting modern works. Lets be honest I am barley qualified to talked about which is classical esc music but from checking out this material their sound is very much in vein of lots of droned and ambient types of music. This looks to be a very fun event and with this being free it should be a no brainer that you should be at this one. The show starts at 8PM and as stated before is FREE.

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// January 21st 2016 // Plutonian Burrito // Those Darlins //

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So before Snowmageddon 2016 hits us fine folks of Charlottesville you should definitely get out of the house and enjoy some time with your fellow man. There are two real solid shows are going on down tonight and both of different variates so there is maybe just a chance you’ll be interested in one of this things.

Over at the IX Art Park at Henleys Auctions we have Plutonian Burrito coming all the way from the exotic lands of Panema City, Flordia to bring some bizarro noise improve jams that will be accompanied by a movie that they made to go along with said noise sounds. Expect something pretty far out they may also have a few dad jokes with it. Opening the show we have Charlottesville’s Golden Glasses who I haven’t seen play in like ages but is one of the best percusanisnts in town and makes the sickest solo noisey rock jams around. Also on the bill we have TT+PB which I literally have no idea what it is but from the glorious of Facebook it is described as “electro+acoustic+magnetic+time”. Then we also have local noise maker The Transients who will do something frustrating in the best way possible. This show starts round 9ish and lets say its $$5$$.

Now over at The Southern we have something that is less on the absurd side in more in the popped out folk rock vein. Coming from Nashville Those Darlins have stopped trough Charlottesville what seems like mulitple times and while I never did see them then, and quite honestly probably won’t be seeing them tonight but I always heard they put on a fun show. This is their final tour as a band so this is your chance people to catch it while you can, cause literally this is it supposedly. Opening for them is Idle Bloom who are also from Nashville and sound a lot of syrupy psych rock mixed with 90s lilllith fair angst vibes, and that is a good thing. This show starts at 9PM and will be $$12$$.

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