TONIGHT Inaugural Night of New Monthly Reading Series at the Bridge 8pm (fyi free wine)

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Julia Kudravetz (!) sent this great blurb along:

Tonight’s the beginning of a new monthly reading series in town.

Jesse Dukes, the guy you think is in Tunisia when he’s actually running down Market Street and vice-versa, will read something awesome like this,  or in this vein.  Jesse works for Backstory Radio, and is also a VQR Contributing Editor. I once saw him limbo under a red-hot burning stick, and that’s the least interesting thing that happened to him that day.

Laura Kolbe is going to read poetry while on a brief leave from saving lives in the UVa Emergency Room. She’s a med student and an all-around renaissance woman. Shakespeare and radiation right here.

There will also be classy snacks and free wine. I am on my way to Trader Joe’s right now. Free wine.  It’s at the Bridge 7-8 P.M.Free wine.

Additionally, the reading will be followed by a free concert of “Original Old Time Country Protest Spiritual Folk Rock Punk Funk.” A Venn Diagram of awesome right there.

If for some awful reason you would need any more details, event page is here (but why would you need any more after that fantastic blurb??)

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INTERVIEW: Emma Rathbone on the Curious Mechanics of Comedy

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Emma Rathbone, a Charlottesville local, is a successful writer although in person you may not guess it. She’s incredibly self-effacing, which means her growing writing portfolio is not going to her head. I had to quietly confirm with someone at a party, in the same hush you’d ask if a couple across the room were dating or just siblings: “Emma Rathbone…she’s kind of a big deal, right?”

Emma writes pieces for the Shouts & Murmurs section of The New Yorker as well as a weekly satire gig at the website the Global Post. Her first book, Patterns of Paper Monsters, was published in 2010 by Little, Brown to much critical praise. Emma has been focussing more on comedy writing as of late, so we sat down to talk the ins-and-outs of funny.


[

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TONIGHT Sharkopath & New Boss (Order) @ Tea Bazaar; Big Blue Door Jam @ Woolly Mammoth

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hey all,

i have a bunch of fittings this afternoon so i’ve been real busy, but wanted to throw up a quick, no media post about tonight’s events.

Contrary to tea bazaar’s twitter feed, New Boss, Sharkopath and Typefighter show is happening TONIGHT. Sharkopath is a nice, metal rock band, reminds me of a more-instrumental Queens of Stone Age, from the c-ville. New Boss is Order of the Dying Orchid by another name. Yall know both these bands. Typefighter is garage rock from D.C.

Show starts at 9pm and is $7.


Also tonight, down Market Street, at the Woolly Mammoth (formerly Black Moto) is the Big Blue Door Jam–Charlottesville’s version of the Moth. I think the line-up is already set, so don’t go thinking you can perform unless you already know you’re performing and your hands are real sweaty. Starts at 8pm at Woolly Mammoth, where Carleton Rd. meets Market Street (way down there). I think it’s suggested donation?


okay, sorry for the lo-fi post but i gotta hustle back to work!



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TONIGHT: Troy’s Last Ever Robot Extravaganza — Crozet Pizza on Elliewood, 10pm

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wherever you’re sitting, make sure you’re sitting down twice. if you thought the nailgun post on tom tom was an expose to end all exposes, you were wrong (well, right, but, wrong, because i mean, it was a little shoddily written–sure–but i mean in the grand scheme of things, i mean, it was good to write it, right? right, coogan, definitely good to write it. but what if it wasn’t? oh god. what if it wasn’t.) ! BECAUSE THIS IS EVEN MORE EXPLOSIVE>>>>

you may know troy rogers as a kind, soft-spoken engineering and computer music guru who has been at UVA pursuing a PhD in composition and computing technologies, but the truth is he is a twisted genius. for the past decade in charlottesville, troy has been raising an army of robots trained to destroy your sense of what it means to create. for years, he has been toiling away with PCBs, soldering irons, teeny tiny screwdrivers, esoteric biosensors and obscure linux distros pulled from sweden’s underground köttbulle scene. running sequences here, checking latency there. getting them geared up until, one night, as they are all plucking and drumming in a gradually cacophonous rage, troy stands in the middle, laughing–at first quietly, then: the voice rising as he is immersed in the generative power these machines are capable of. his laughter reaches a maniacal pitch, throwing troy’s head back as arms rise in triumph.

tonight, troy rogers’ music robot army takes its last stand.

troy is leaving charlottesville for madison (i think? possibly st. paul?).  Duluth (thanks nick!). he has been doing the computer music thing here in town for sometime and tonight is his send-off. he’s also programmed some humans to also perform the music, cathy monnes, nick rubin and steve snider. it’s also functioning as a mini-Devo tribute for Bob Casale, who passed away Feb. 14th. a portion of the proceeds will go towards the Bob Casale Family Foundation. this will be a great show and everyone should come out, if they can, to see troy off and pass the lego hat for casale.

it’s hard for me to get details from facebook because of my computer, and not having a facebook account, but here are the basics (and here is the facebook event page with the details): Crozet Pizza at Buddha Biker Bar on Elliewood Ave (across from PARA coffee), starts at 10pm, not sure about cover.

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Timber Timbre // Hot Dreams (2014, Arts & Crafts)

I won’t kid myself here. You’re not going to like this. Timber Timbre, is a music that’s as timeless as it is weightless, a bit like David Lynch covering the Tindersticks for one of his films. Sweaty, suffering and mysterious like a forbidden pleasure. Happy Monday!


Ed. Note: Melody Supreme, located at 115 4th St. SE off the Downtown Mall, is Charlottesville’s best record store. The owner Gwen Berthy has impeccable taste and a curatorial hunger matched by few. One of my favorite parts of the store is Gwen’s handwritten notes on records. Le DISQUE DU LUNDI is Gwen’s online version of those recommendation gems–posted on Nailgun and available for purchase at Melody Supreme.

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Coogan’s Response to Tom Tom Thread

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hey all, so i’m helping a friend get to a job interview out of town and am not in Charlottesville, nor near a computer on a regular basis. rather than delve into the pretty intense comment section on the original thread (which i actually stopped reading when it got nasty), i’m just gonna post a quick thing here.

i’m so glad so many people responded to the article. i think this speaks to the fact that there is a serious issue in Charlottesville. what that debate is exactly seems to need further sussing out.

real discussion doesn’t happen on the internet. it happens in person. people say all kinds of horrible things to each other on the internet they wouldn’t dream of saying in person. i made sure my article was comprised of things i was prepared to say to people in person (and did, in fact, say to Paul, Carolyn and James from Tom Tom). if people feel strongly about it, they should take the time to track someone down and talk face-to-face. if people feel as though they are upset or angry about this article, please e-mail me at <> or please send me a text at xxx.223.0785 (sorry, i just got some spam from this the first three digits are the richmond area code).

also, people’s real names are totally listed next to their ‘anonymous’ tags on the back-end (that means on the administrative end of a blog). also also, james ford was the hero today approving stuff while i was away from a computer. i think it’s a great sense of civility most all of these comments, including the nasty ones, were approved because we believed in people having the right to say what they wished.

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THIS WEEKEND: TONIGHT Buck Gooter, Golden Glasses; TOMORROW Scott Ritchie, Cathy Monnes, Adam Smith, et al.

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I’m actually heading out of town this morning, but, besides the Tom Tom events, I wanted to shine a spotlight on a few events this weekend, both at the Tea Bazaar.

Steve Snider’s project Golden Glasses is an incredibly exhibition of Steve’s powerful capacity as a drummer and musician. Steve has played in many bands throughout the years, and this is an experimental, new-music track elevating the drums to their unusual position of solo instrument. It includes a telephone receiver, a sweatband and lots of sweat. Steve is also a super-nice, super-sweet guy, just for the record.

Joining Steve is Harrisonburg’s (in)famous Buck Gooter. By day, they are employees/co-owners of the co-op Little Grille Collective and by night/by stage, they become a deeply experimental (sorry my mental thesaurus is running low on gas) duo. I have never seen them, so this is entirely secondhand, but they are either the most amazing thing you have ever seen or the most confounding. As I understand it, James Ford feels the former, so I’ll expect him to elaborate in the comments. Patriots is also on the bill. Starts at 9pm at Tea Bazaar and is the very reasonable $5.


Saturday brings another cool-looking Tea Bazaar line-up. Headlining is Ms. Conception and the Aweful Truth, the latest brainchild from one of the sweetest, raddest people play music in Charlottesville, Cathy Monnes. Cathy is also the coolest rock mom, playing in the same band as her daughter, Sally Rose. Not much is known about the music for this gig, except they’ll be reading charts (!) and they’ve been rehearsing (!!). The band includes Monnes on stringed instruments and vocals, Steve Snider on drums (see above), Adam Smith on guitar, and Colin Killalea (KLAUSS) on saxophone, unless someone was pulling my leg. The excellent Scott Ritchie (New Boss, Great Dads) opens the set with his noise project Errantry. Also on the bill is fourth year undergrad Victor Shephardson, looping things from the look of the Tea Bazaar website!

This gig starts at 9pm and is also $5.


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TONIGHT: Dylan possibly executing amazing, recursive performance art at Urban Outfitters

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In what will undoubtedly be the strangest thing you’ve seen in Charlottesville this year (if it happens) and definitely the most awesome thing in the Tom Tom Festival line-up, c-ville’s own LILBABYPOSITIV aka NUDEPTH aka T33NDR33MS will be performing “OPEN DOOR POLICY” at the downtown Urban Outfitters tonight from 7:30 (Dylan says 7pm now)-9, free.

A popular business concept, particularly for stores or brands selling fashion, is to visualize your ideal customer. In the past this was done with demographics (“Middle-aged, soccer dads”) but in recent years has taken a more poetic shift. Now brands tend to describe their ideal customer in soaring language (“XXX customer never says no to love”) in an interesting convergence of long tail and identity politics.

Dylan, assisted by Richmond’s Gray Cherisse, will be performing a concert based around those brand descriptions, which are supplied to Urban Outfitters sales people, as the company uses them for on-the-floor sales training. This is looking to gather into a perfect storm of awesomeness.

Tonight, Urban Outfitters, 7-9pm, free.

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Tom Tom: The Elephant in the Room

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In Charlottesville, much of the city’s creative infrastructure is created and maintained by wealthy individuals. The Bridge PAI is the baby of Zack Worrell, of the local Worrell media fortune, who also bankrolls it. The IX Sculpture Park, now asking for $20,000 on Kickstarter to create a Burning Man experience in Charlottesville, is owned by the Kuttners, another massively wealthy family. Coran Capshaw–who I learned today was once convicted of first-degree murder, burgulary and drug possession with intent to distribute and later had his rights restored by Governor Warner–owns Red Light Management, which subsequently owns The Paramount (edit: my mistake!), The Jefferson, The Southern, The Pavilion, and Starr Hill Presents (Capshaw also owns Mas, Blue Light, Mono Loco, Ten and so many more things).

Add “on deck” to this list Paul Beyer and the Tom Tom Festival. While Paul Beyer is not in the stratosphere of wealth that some in this town maintain, he is Vice President of Development at his parents’ company, R.L. Beyer Construction, and has as his main occupation the running of Tom Tom Festival. Tom Tom Festival has a projected budget this year of $360,000. The majority of that cash comes from anonymous public and private corporate donations, but judging by the prominence of their labels on the Tom Tom website, it’s safe to assume R.L. Beyer, New Belgium Brewing, and Darden School of Business at UVA do the financial heavy lifting.

This is a conversation that people in Charlottesville don’t like to have, if they have it at all. I think this is for two reasons: 1) People don’t understand the situation. It’s a difficult trend to tease out unless you’ve been here a while. No one wants to be labeled upper class, or wealthy, and lots of the effort goes into side-stepping this label. 2) Once you have been here for a while and you maybe recognize something’s up, you’re a bit under the thumb of the very organizations or individuals that disproportionately own the creative infrastructure of this town. It’s a lot more difficult to speak out on this issue honestly if your paycheck,  gig, or art show, depends on a certain individual seeing you in a good light. Even in a non-financial sense, it’s just awkward in a small town to talk about material privilege in an honest way. I found this out the hard way having a conversation with Paul about this that became entirely too heated on my part.

So why even bring this up? This is not a call for more public funding for the arts. There is already way too much money being tossed around arts organizations for the city or county to cough up more to the institutional players. This is not a complaint against business, or even capitalism (as some might suggest), but rather a request for the wealthy, or well-to-do, of Charlottesville to own up to their privilege and the effect that privilege has on the creative organizations and the overall future of this town.

When I look at the major commercial development in the past decade in this town and its presumed arc, I see a hollow shell. The buildings are there, the venues, and the people complete the picture-perfect evening on the Downtown Mall. But the cultural vitality that is required of any city has been declining. And faced with issues that muddy this picture-perfect facade (such as homelessness), we are trying to physically brush aside what makes us uncomfortable. Too many good people are leaving town in frustration, many others are too cynical. Others are locked into the system and aren’t sure how to change it, much less talk about it.

It’s a bit pathetic, but this blog post is the only critical narrative about Tom Tom, or the income inequality it represents. So here’s my thirty second pitch: For those blessed with material privilege–or those dwelling underneath its umbrella–please take a moment to consider that your actions might be in line with the national trend of income inequality, and the national widening gap between the haves and the have-nots. The marketing budget alone for Tom Tom is $60,000. That’s more than three times what I make in a year, and it’s spent simply on posters and vinyl banners. Something’s very wrong with the situation when this kind of disjunction occurs…could we at least have an honest reckoning with it?

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TONIGHT: GUERRILLA GIRLS at UVA, Ha-Rang on Elliewood and WTJU Rock Marathon needs yer donations!

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Lots of activity happening over at UVA today, the first being the performance art group Guerrilla Girls at Campbell Hall tonight, around 7pm (I’m guessing?) and most likely suggested donation (apologies for the logistical ambiguity, I’m having trouble finding specifics about the events anywhere). Addressing issues of feminism and the role of women in art, Guerrilla Girls are extremely prolific, with all sorts of installations, residencies, write-ups in all kinds of high-end museums, galleries and newspapers. Should be interesting!

Charlottesville’s own Ha-Rang is playing at Crozet Pizza at the Buddhist Biker Bar on Elliewood Ave across the street from PARA coffee. Shane O’Gallagher–known as “the American Gallagher” brother (this being a reference to Oasis, not the comedian (RIP watermelons))–heads up this rowdy rock crew. A good venue to see their rabble-rousing rock (although be warned the pizza is not as good as Crozet Pizza in Crozet). Again, details are hard to track down for this one, but I’m guessing opener Bipolaroid will go on at 9pm? Not sure about cover.

Last but certainly not least, this week is the WTJU Rock Marathon! Each department gets to do their own fundraising, and the Rock Department always comes out with super interesting programming. Unlike NPR, it’s a treat to hear the different shows lined up, people coming in for performances, etc. If you’re listening at 91.1 FM or at, be sure to call in and support the station 434.924.3959


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