Febuary 26th 2015

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Hey guess what there are shows going on tonight. Like lots of shows. Seriously get out of the house and go out and have fun.

Over at The Southern tonight we have Charlottesville Art Pop powerhouse Borrowed Beams Of Light are doing a tape release show for their new tape release split with New Boss who as you can guess are also playing this show and are also as you can guess are real awesome Charlottesville Rock n Roll Supergroup. Been listening to the singles they have online for this tape and it sounds really sick so more than likely they will have tapes for sale at the show if you feel like owning one. Opening the show is Klauss another local Charlottesville rocker of a group that wil fit well with the vibes of this show. Doors are at 8:30PM for this and the show is $$8$$

Now happening over at the Tea Bazzzar tonight we have a nice throwbacky Rock n Roll show happening. Headlining the show Hartle Road which is a 60s psychie rock pop throwback from Missiouri that has those The Turtles vocals being backed by a real solid rock n roll back beat. Opening the show is Girl Choir which is a real solid Charlottesville group older bros rocking out hard with some punk vibes. Also opening is The Moonbees which is also in the vein of some 60s psychy garage rock sound and sounds pretty chill. Anyway doors for this are at 9PM and the show is $$7$$

Also going on tonight is a more of the whacked out happening at Magnolia. Heading the show is Microkingdom who are a really sick Free Jazz act out of Baltimore that feature Marc Miller of Oxes who do something that sounds quite a lot like Peter Broztman. You know in fact they have even done an album with him. Opening the show is some Charlottesville Jam Band called Prance who will be doing something all synthy and freaked out. Also opening is John Mingsley aka Ming Ming. I don’t know what he is going to do for sure but it will probably be rad. Doors are at 9ish, you know bring like $$3$$

Oh and if you really don’t want to go to a show and deal with people but want to sit at a bar and listen to some sick tunes you can head over to Yearback Taco and see Greg Sloan spin some vinyl. This I would assume is free and will start round drinking time and end at last call.

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(02-20-2015) Corsair / Demon Eye @ Main Street Annex

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Burrrrrrrr its cold out here in Virginia. So right now as I chill at my friends parents mini mansion living it up in a mad heated house and before I feel like a Hip-Hop royalty and get in on some hot tub action I wanna throw out that this Friday February 20th a real killer Metal show is happening at the Main Street Annex

If your been around in Charlottesville for a while then you already know bout Corsair and what they are about but for those who don’t know they have been one of the main definitions of how Charlottesville isn’t just a total folky city and can also kill it in the whole rock n roll thing. 70s throw back cock rocking metal is what they do and they are kings at this affair. For this show they will be doing two sets during the evening, one of their older material and one of the new material of the new album One Eyed Horse. So if you haven’t caught these guys yet or just wanna go out and have a good time their is really not better place to be this Friday than catching this show.

Supporting Corsair for this set is Raleigh North Carolina’s Demon Eye another act that is influced by the Old School Metal style. This stuff sounds a lot like Black Sabbath which is like almost always a good thing. Lots of heavy hitting rhythm and loud n raw guitars, so yeah come by early n catch these guys slay.

Also while not listed online anywhere I’m almost positive that Chris Hays aka Phil Free of WTJU’s Black Circle Revolution will be DJing in-between these sets and maybe afterwards if y’all r down to party. Bro knows his Rock n’ Roll so he is gonna kill it.

Doors: 9PM

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Friday the 13th Acoustic: Bella Morte/Secret Storm/University of Whales

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8:00 PM, $10

Years ago I went to what was then the Gravity Lounge, now The Southern, to see a show billed as “Bella Morte Unplugged” (or maybe it was Bella Morte ‘Unplugged’”). I was excited to see how a band as thoroughly electric and deeply electronic as Bella Morte could possibly pull off an acoustic set. What an outrageous, defiantly unexpected, potentially hilarious feat that would be! It turned out that “Bella Morte Unplugged” was more like “Bella Morte Sitting Down”. They turned down the amps a bit and took their seats. Chairs were also provided for the audience. It was an enjoyably different kind of performance from the band, but less of a radical change than one might have expected.

That said, I have no knowledge of exactly how much electricity will or will not be used in tonight’s show. I can see Lauren Hoffman’s The Secret Storm going further plugless to great effect. A University of Whales, a new band from Nate Bolling of Astronomers, features piano, violin, cello, bass, and drums, so if that bass is upright and that piano the real, inconveniently heavy kind, they are acoustic already. But we are not in Amish country; unless there is a power outage none of this really matters. What matters is what I think we can confidently count on getting:  good tunes well played, a warm and friendly atmosphere, and a heartfelt tribute to Jason Voorhees’ brutal crusade against the eros of youth.

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OFFscreen Movies

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For many years OFFscreen,  UVA’s student run arthouse film series, was one of the cultural treasures of Charlottesville, showing great movies on a big screen at a very reasonable price. At some point it fell victim to mismanagement and languished, then Newcomb Theater was closed for construction. But is has come back with a nice selection this semester.   It is something worth both taking advantage of and supporting.

The next film is A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night by Ana Lily Amirpour , showing Sunday at 8:00 for only $2. A stylish black and white vampire movie set in Iran and performed in Farsi (but made in California) it has gotten many rave reviews, such as this one by David Thomson. It has been particularly praised for its cinematography, which gives you all the more reason to see it theatrically.

I have seen a good number of movies at OFFscreen over the years. Every one was at least worth the time and (trifling) expense, some were among the greatest cinematic experiences of my life. What haunts me are all the superb films they showed that I missed and will now probably never see properly, on the big screen. A laptop or living room flat-screen can provide passable dream portals, but nothing beats a good theater for true motion picture transcendence.

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2/7 @ Tea Bazaar – Rachel Ries, Fellow Creatures, The Hill and Wood

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8:30 pm. Saturday, 2/7. Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar.

This Saturday, come out to the Twisted Branch at 8:30 for an Alt-Country/Indie Rock show: Rachel Ries, Fellow Creatures, The Hill and Wood.

The Hill and Wood (Cville)

The Hill and Wood’s new EP, “Opener,” takes the band into a more mellow, alt-country direction compared to their 2011 s/t full-length, which hits a lot of indie rock’s sweet spots. Their newer songs are flirting with the same calm as the nearly-ambient Bright Black Morning Light (for instance, their song ‘Oil Spill’), but it will also maintain an echo of the Wilco-comparison. Both Sam Bush and Juliana Daugherty are great singers who can both serenade and belt it out when necessary.

Check out their new video and music on their website: http://cargocollective.com/thehillandwood/THE-HILL-AND-WOOD

Rachel Ries (Vermont/Brooklyn)

Rachel Ries has spent the last ten years touring and collaborating with a long and impressive list of like-minded artists (For which, see: http://rachelries.com/about). Now, she is touring promoting her latest album “Ghost of a Gardener.” Her songs reveal a country persona negotiating a conflict between reverent Americana and tipsy outlaw-country. The musical accompaniment is diverse, with each song sporting a unique arrangement.

Check out her music on her bandcamp at: https://rachelries.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-of-a-gardener

Fellow Creatures (DC)

Compared to this bill’s two other bands, Fellow Creatures, a four-piece from D.C., bring slightly more up-tempo, full rhythms with some foregrounded synth arpeggios and melodies. Yet they’ll maintain the serenity of the evening by floating some nice, long harmonies overtop a rather textured background. They self-identify as “swampy indie rock,” which I guess means soft and silty, but easy to get stuck in and when you pull your foot out it makes a scary “schlllooop” sound from the mud-suction, but what the hell do I know? They also put a guitar pick-up on a toy piano for some sweet bell tones.

Check out their brand-new website: http://www.fellowcreaturesmusic.com/

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Hey Charlottesville guess what? There is a decent batch of shows happening tonight that you can spend your more than likely hard earned cash on. So yeah you should do that. You know go out and supports the arts or just rage out or whatever.

First off that crew Mr. Cool Ice is having another show at the Ix Art Park and this one looks like a doozy. Headlining this bad boy is Chiffon from Baltimore who came through Charlottesville last year stopping of at Magnolia and they where real sick. Awesome boy-girl electro dance slow jams that make you want to get all loosey goosey and dance the night away.

On tour with them is hardcored Baltimore rapper EU1OGY who from listing to his soundcloud seems like this project could go hard in that way that lots of underground Baltimore acts do or could be more like other material on said soundcloud thing and it could be more of a sort of laptop music bro out kind of endeavor. Either way if their touring with this group Chiffon then more than likely there is a good chance of this being tight

Rounding up the band bill Is Nu Depth, AKA that boy, AKA the Rave equivillant of GG Allen. No matter the outcome of his shows they are always some of the most intriguing in town so def show up early for him, espically if somehow you haven’t already seen this dude play.

Also during the show Tyler Magill (DJ Funny DJ Name) and myself (DJ AMERICA#1) will be playing music more than likely off laptops in between sets of various dance material. After the bands are done at lets say Midnight if people wanna party ill be doing do my best attempt at that. You know basically playing songs like Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison and other things of that nature that make all that rump shaking happening and what not.

Happening over at The Southern is less of that whole dance n groove thing but instead a real solid folk show is happening there. Charlottesville mega staked folk group Nettles is headlining the show for the release of their first full-length album Locust Avenue. I haven’t seen this guys in a while but I did catch one of there sets at The Garage a while back and they played indie folk that for a lack of a better explanation has a real Sufjan Stevens vibed to it but not in a lazy just jacking it way but more in a whole making New Age Folk music with a splash of Virginia tradition kind of way.


Opening the show is Ned Oldhan who is another real talented folk artist from Charlottesville that is probably most known in town from his band Old Calf, or being the brother of that dude who puts LP’s out Drag City. He however has his own solo career that I think sometimes gets overshadowed by all of this other mentioned stuff above. His music is very good at incapsulating the folk past time of making downtrodden folk vibes that make you get all existential in thoughts and make your question your place in the world. In short really if your looking to go to a folk show tonight their is really no way that with these two acts playing you can go with this one.

Also going on tonight is one of the greatest front ladies of R&B as well as just music Diana Ross is playing at The Paramount. For real no write up should be necessary for this one. Also this one is SOLD OUT so if your hoping to go to this and don’t have tickets try that whole scalping thing.

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Locally Sourced Weekend

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Friday:  New Boss, Astronomers, International Friendly @TheSouthern   9:00, $7
Saturday: Ships in the Night, The Rain Within, Must Be The Holy Ghost @Teahouse  9:00,

movies: 2,001 years of Jesus, 20,000 days of Nick


Tonight offers three local bands that know how to show the people a good time. They all play the mysterious music of apparently well-adjusted lives, emotionally charged but in a way that sounds like everything will be okay in the end, with an energy that takes you upward into… happiness? confidence? an active healthy but sensitive lifestyle?  It’s very ordinary and therefore bizarre, far from the well-charted territories of heaven and hell. flying straight into the brave unwavering proclivities of the living. Quite enjoyable.

At The Southern website there is a quote from Nailgun about Astronomers“..one of Charlottesville’s tighter, more cohesive sounding bands”, and we will stand by that, as we do all of our media content.


From an earlier post on Ships in the Night:

There was a time, now the stuff of legends, when the Tokyo Rose was the center of Charlottesville music, and on Saturday nights the goths would emerge from their secret places and take over that center. It was The Dawning, and it was the place to be. But then the goths were exiled, and, after taking their stand at several notable battlefields, eventually scattered. And the people thought the goths were no more, or had just grown old, weary, and bourgeois. But then a new young champion emerged, her name Alethea, under the the banner of Ships in the Night, to raise high again that dark light burning, and remind us that some things never die. Her songs will take you back to what you thought you left behind, the longings of a soul not yet crushed by daylit lies, your stupid job, and too many times tying your shoes.

You will notice that in those lines on Goth Charlottesville — living, dying, reborn (that’s every day, every day a legend) — I never even mention the name of Andy Deane. Only because there was no need, it goes without saying that he is the Achilles of that story, the Siegfried, the Charlemagne, the Don Quixote, the Gilligan, the Leatherface, the Wooderson. The Siegfried and the Roy. So it is no small thing that this Saturday he will be performing, not with Bella Morte, but as The Rain Within, his solo project. It is another side of Andy Deane, on a more intimate scale and even gothier.

Thirdly, as usual, Must Be the Holy Ghost. Whenever I see this name I think of the Captain Beefheart song “The Host, The Ghost, The Most Holy-O” but there is no real connection, except insofar as the entire cosmos is essentially, fundamentally, superficially and intractably Beefheartian, at its core and to all periphery. But in sound this Ghost is nothing like the Captain, there is something else going on, but it is also pretty groovy, and if you are down with what Alethea and Andy are up to you will probably also be glad to check out Must Be the Holy Ghost.


Saturday at 7:00 many of our people will be watching the big game, as the valiant Hoos of Hooville taken on the evil Dukes of K., hoping to crush their dreams of One Thousand and One Nights of Wins. But if you are not one of them, if maybe you want to watch something that you know has a happy ending, then you should take advantage of the opportunity to see 2001: A Space Odyssey at The Paramount, on the big screen, the way it was meant to be seen (well, not on 70mm, you can’t have everything). Cahiers du cinéma may rank 2001 (#43) below Fritz Lang’s Moonfleet (#32) on its list of all time cinema greats, but Moonfleet does not have any actual scenes set on the moon, or any spaceships at all, much less a fleet of them. (Honestly, though I have seen half a dozen Fritz Lang movies, I had never even heard of Moonfleet before, and am glad for the introduction.) Kubrick may be overrated by the the overly XY übermenschchen type fanboys, and deserve some French knockdown, but nonetheless 2001 is a film of true greatness and, at the very least, better than The Barefoot Contessa (#31), enjoyable as that picture is.

There is another big game Sunday, but it is of no local interest so you should go see 20,000 Days On Earth, the Nick Cave quasi-documentary at Newcomb Hall (8pm, $2), presented by Offscreen. I saw it at the Film Festival, it is excellent, very well worth seeing in the theater even if you are not much of a Nick Cave fan, as I am not.



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Tea Nights –Tuesday: Hypnogia Films :: Wednesday: Dais Queue, Nagual, Voice of Saturn

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Tuesday: Hypnogia Films Art Film Night   8pm, FREE
Wednesday: Nagual with Carl Mitchell / Dais Queue / The Voice of Saturn   9pm, $7

All I know about tonight’s screening is what I have read at the link above, so why not just reprint it? I also know that  a meeting of an underground radical book club faction was rescheduled to avoid a conflict with this event; you can judge for yourself whether that fact weighs in its favor, against it, or is entirely irrelevant, but you cannot say that you were not forewarned. I should also mention that the Tea Bazaar sells teas, and the combination of certain teas with intensive imagery of an experimental nature may cause effects ranging from the the ecstatic to the terrifying to the downright cozy. Please consult your server before mixing tea with experimental short films of a potentially radical nature.

Hypnagogia Films presents New Horizons: An evening of local underground experimental short films.
Attempting to revive the heyday of art House cinema, Hypnogogia films is a collection of four Virginia filmmakers: Angus Carter, Edmond Marchetti, Lawrence Simonitsch and R.K Haney. Working in variety of cinematic mediums such as 8mm, digital video and found footage, these Virginia based filmmakers bring a refreshing new take to independent film, with cutting edge experimental films that one is not likely to see in traditional movie houses or even on the festival circuit.
Run time ~1.5 hrs



After Johann Sebastian Bach and Burt Bacharach came and put the all the sounds in order, forging joyous harmony and peaceful accord such as should be a model unto all the nations of the earth, many people didn’t even notice that they left something behind, that there were sounds between those sounds, and they too could be beautiful. The quest for those sounds is another kind of experimentation, musical experimentation, putting together sounds in ways that, some might argue, go against all that is right & natural & good & godly, while others maintain the opposite, or agree but are totally psyched by such antinomian rebellion. Wednesday the Teahouse will be hosting a night of such experiments.

 Dais Queue is Charlottesville’s own Davis Salisbury, of Grand Banks, doing things to and with his guitar, curiously touching and striking and strumming it. It generally responds pretty well to his ministrations, and you will want to hear it for yourself. He will have some tapes with him this time, a split release with Mope Lounge, which you can listen to here.

The Voice of Saturn is another local project, from Travis Thatcher. He is the Technical Director at UVA’s Virginia Center for Computer Music and he also makes and sells his own electronic music gear, which is what he will be playing. Like Joe Jackson, first he makes the instruments, then he makes them sing. I caught of bit of The Voice of Saturn at an earlier show and am eager to see a full set.

Nagual is a guitar duo (they played an excellent set at Magnolia a time ago) who will joined by Carl Mitchell on saxophone. Sonic streamings and entwinings and reverbations, moving slowly and vastly with always that fluttering heart inside. Johann Sebastian would agree that here too may God be found, though maybe not in Lutheran form.


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that sold out show you might be going 2

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Well word has just come down that this big Sunday show at The Southern tonight is !!!SOLD OUT!!! which means I’m really not sure what point this Nailgun post is gonna serve. Yet since this show is a big thing and their is always things like Stubhub and you know waiting outside the venue to try your luck at scalping or something I’m gonna still do something brief for this show because why not.


Headlining this show is Parquet Courts who are that NYC Garage Rock band that those bigger indie review sites have spent the last two years comparing them to Pavement and dubbing them the New Pavement. To be real I don’t know about all that, sort of comes across as a lazy explanation for this band but this music is definitely full of lots of 1990′s rock era throw back sounds and style being mixed with lyrical imagery and sound that comes across all disorienting and sassy so I totally see their point. Anyway I’ve heard lots of great things about this bands live show so basically this could be one of the better and bigger rock shows to come to Charlottesville this year so if you’ve got your ticket their is a decent chance your gonna see a really good show so enjoy yourself.


Opening this show is up and coming DC punk band Priests that from a little youtube viewing looks and sounds pretty good. Very DC rooted material that is definitely has flashes of Riot Grrrl punk sounds being mixed with lots of New Wave tendencies. Totally abrasive Garage rock that from all that youtube viewing suggests it could possibly have some of y’all swaying about or moshing or something else in the dance department. So yeah def try to get their early and catch this band play because we’ll yeah this looks really rad.

Anyway Doors are at 8:30pm and show starts at 9pm 

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Ha-RAng Tonight, Ta-Nehisi Tomorrow

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Wednesday at The Southern: Wet Socks / the Ha-RAng!#  – a FRee Show!^, 9:00

Tonight The Southern is hosting a free bar show with two bands who continue the great American tradition of garages, as well as basements, backyards, dubious proprietorships of under-the-counter booze and warm beer, and community centers gone to seed.  The Wet Socks are from Savannah and have a stripped down surf-punk sound. Local mainstays the Ha-RAng!# show no fear of keyboards, neither in typing their name nor playing their music. A classic  guitar/bass/drum/& organ combo. You can pay a lot of money to see a show a lot worse than this one, which will cost you nothing, though you might be moved to a large bar tab. Check it out and satisfy those primal rock’n’roll needs.

Thursday at Culbreth Theater: Ta-Nehisi Coates   Free  6:00

All the tickets to this have been claimed, but there will be standby line at the door or maybe someone will have an extra ticket for you (I am looking for an extra ticket myself). Coates is giving an address as part of UVA’s Martin Luther King celebration. He is probably best known for his long article The Case for Reparations, which is certainly a major work of journalism that everyone should read. But I think of him primarily as a blogger, though he has been doing that only intermittently of late. Nobody has done more with the still mostly unrealized potential of the blog than Ta-Nehisi Coates. I hope he returns to it on the regular, so that aimless trollers on the internet will have someone to count on to save us from our quiet desperation.


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