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Tonight, which is Thursday:

CORSAIR/WE ARE A STAR CHILDREN/NEW BOSS @ The Southern, music 8:45, $10



I don’t have much time for making shit up about these shows, so this short note will have to suffice. At the Southern we have three Charlottesville bands that should need no introduction, they (or in the case of New Boss, members of it) have been around making music for a long time now, deeply entwined and steadily pulsing within our musical infrastructure. If you don’t already know them, you should, and tonight is a perfect opportunity.

The show at the Annex is called Near Mint Showcase. I take this to mean these are young new bands, or perhaps just well-preserved in plastic sleeves, or coolly refreshing. It provides a nice complement to the Southern show, offering concert-goers a choice between the old and the new, the familiar and the the foreign, loyalty and promiscuity, bands with many people in them and those with few, the road-weary travelers and the home-court warriors, being right on Water Street and being a few yards off Water Street,  etc. Some of the basic dichotomies of life, presenting an endless series of choices, and endless occasions to rock.

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some shows on the date december 16h 2014

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Yo Charlottesville community!!! WAZZUP!!! We got a couple rocking shows coming up this Tuesday the 16th. One at that mysterious IX Park off the downtown mall as well as one at the Tea Bazaar. Basically you’ve got options this Tuesday people so get out of the house and bond with your fellow man.




Bunch of Charlottesville heavies in a rock band (aka Dylan Mulshine, Adam Smith, Erik DeLuca) and maybe some others doing some sort of rock wierdo anthems. I really don’t know what to expect but I do expect for it to be awesome


Cult Of Riggonia

Hippie cult heavy psych jamz from Macon, GA. Sounds a lot like a new age Ya Ho Wha 13.  So yeah this band seems awesome.


The Voice Of Saturn

Spacey noisy modular synth works from Travis Thatcher. His tunes are sick and Ive been told he’s a professor at UVA which makes this whole set double sick.


@ IX Park






Drgn King

Poppy heavy beat driven rock from Philadelphia. Your standard indie rock dancey band smeared with a bunch of 90′s care free vibes.



Cats from Brooklyn NY that sound a lot like a Stoner slow burner band real inspired by Sum 41.  I mean this in the best way possible.



Look I’m gonna be honest with you. I really don’t understand Pop Punk. Ain’t trying to start nothing but its just not my thing. That being said this group sounds a lot like Pop Punk so if thats your thing than check this out.


@ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

Doors: 8:30 PM



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Lights in the Fields, Ships in the Night, & Daniel Bachman

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Friday 12/12:



Saturday 12/13:

DANIEL BACHMAN / FEN SWALE (CD Release!) at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar,  9pm $8


Every year in December, for one night only, Piedmont Virginia Community College invites local artists, visionaries, electricians, luminaries, and lost souls to create  works of art in light on its grounds. Projections, glowings, sparklings, flashings, beamings, multi-colored ripplings and imagings  – all things illuminated and illuminating. Plus hot chocolate. It is the sort of charming local event that all Charlottesvillains should attend least once, and maybe every time. This year there is a mysterious box that they lock you into for five minutes, and when you emerge, nothing will ever be the same.

There was a time, now the stuff of legends, when the Tokyo Rose was the center of Charlottesville music, and on Saturday nights the goths would emerge from their secret places and take over that center. It was The Dawning, and it was the place to be. But then the goths were exiled, and, after taking their stand at several notable battlefields, eventually scattered. And the people thought the goths were no more, or had just grown old, weary, and bourgeois. But then a new young champion emerged, her name Alethea, under the the banner of Ships in the Night, to raise high again that dark light burning, and remind us that some things never die. Her songs will take you back to what you thought you left behind, the longings of a soul not yet crushed by daylit lies, your stupid job, and too many times tying your shoes.

I know that Daniel Bachman plays guitar, something in the manner of John Fahey or Jack Rose, and that people really love it when he does. But beyond that I cannot say, because somehow I never got to one of his shows. So I invite someone else, one of his many fans, to do a proper write-up for him (it can be brief). Another Nailgunner might do it, or a reader. Just write what you have to say in comments and, once it clears Standards & Practices, we will elevate it into the body of this post.


Davis answered the call for trenchant Bachmanography very trenchantly with this:

Daniel Bachman is definitely in the lineage of Fahey, Glenn Jones, but yeah in particular Jack Rose is a good touchstone. For one, they both hail from the Fredericksburg area of Virginia, but also stylistically they hit some similar notes (and Daniel even contributed artwork to a Jack Rose release). Bachman is really young, like 24 or 25, and in just the couple of years I have been seeing him has grown tremendously as a player (though he was very very good the first time I saw him too). He has always had a crazy energy to his playing (just getting to watch his right/picking hand is worth the price of admission alone) but the tunes have definitely caught up to the technique and he can take it in all kinds of directions now, straight into the void via swirling and overwhelming tonal explosions or deep into the well of timeless melodies and sweet & mournful & toe-tapping song-as-song territory, both original and traditional. Generally I don’t give much of a shit about technique and tradition, just the performance in the moment, but really what Daniel does is extremely tough to do and deserves respect. He also taps into the good sides of both of those things (a good tune should be considered a good tune, and a serious craft takes a lot of work, you know?) You can just do a quick internet search for all the evidence you need as to whether this’ll be up your alley. Generally his playing is never less than hypnotic though. It should not be left unsaid that I am a total sucker for guitar though, so this is very much “my kinda thing”.

An important part of the secret plans for the future of Nailgun is to enlist more people as contributors in a piecework way, matching a given show with someone out there with a special interest, knowledge, and/or enthusiasm for it. If there is a show you want to write about, need  to write about, or don’t want or need to write about but, nonetheless, feel you should write about anyway because, goddammit,  it deserves writing up, and by somebody who won’t make a travesty of it, then you should let us known. I think there is an email account and I will try checking it.








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rock n roll december

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Alright y’all this is Andy Dunlap steeping up to the plate, AKA that dude with all the chill tacky baseball caps. I’m new to this Naigun game but am ready to get this site a little life again cause duh this baby needs it.  Anyway their is a cool rock show tonight going on at the Tea Bazaar and you should go and bro out at it because that is what December is all about right?




The Moonbees

Throw back good old times steady hitting rock n roll.  U know the drill y’all.


Baak  Gwai

Indie laced pop punk all the way from Alabama. Yup thats trill.


The  Astronomers

Won’t lie I totally thought this band broke up a while ago. Totally awesome rock/metal cville jams though so thats tight that this project is still kicking


Word up // Take care // Keep it real Charlottesville

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Ryan’s Death Den Sweater

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It’s a sad and shameful day for a blogger when he resorts to simply cutting and pasting from a Facebook invite, but sometimes in someplaces it is the best option you have. Here is what Annie sent out for the Tea House show tonight:

EARLY START 8:00 pm!!!
this show starts at 8, so get there at 8

Jon Bellona on bass, Greg Sloan on drums, Ryan Maguire on guitar, Travis Thatcher on guitar, and Juliana Daugherty singing. Sometimes people play flutes and Travis screams into the tenor sax sometimes. We’ll play songs about springtime, change, and death.

Shoegazey distorted post-rock sounds from RVA

Wraps their audience in luscious harmonies before skewering them with CLIPSE-style beats. 

Playing with Kevin Davis, chamber-folk with electronics, intriguing mystery from phds of UVa’s music department.

In this season of Santa Hegemony, good live music can be hard to find. This show stands out as one of the best December offers.

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Metal Night At Magnolia

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Right now I am at my parents’ house listening to the Genesis album ….and then there were three… on tinny white Apple earbuds. How it came to this I would rather not say, and I doubt I could — the ways of fate are as strange as they are cruel, and if they inevitably lead back to the where it all started and how it all came undone, the paths taken are never straight, but as mind-breakingly, heart-batteringly  mazey as any learned theological apologetics, of either Trinitarian or Philcollinsian flavor, if you follow me follow you. That is not important. What is important is Saturday night. Saturday night will be completely different. Saturday night will be the complete opposite. Saturday night will be amazing.

It is Metal Night at Magnolia.

Miami Nights. Anicon. Yellow Eyes.

Loud, shattering, thrumming, screeching, hurting holy dread music, not the sounds of the devil but the sounds that drive the devil away, the fearful chords and kinetic rhythms that tear through his lies and temptations, his smooth-talking smooth-jazzing easy-listening high-production-valuing ways. The raw sounds of raw humanity, in humble digs assembled, to celebrate another Saturday night, to mourn and celebrate another Saturday survived, with the sounds of our survival. Not the devil’s music but ours, our alien selves, like Bach or James Brown, or a thousand lonely shower singers in a thousand separate showers.

So I had to hijack this moribund site, this silent monument to the decline and fall of Charlottesville civilization, had to take over and hack it (by the cunning method of asking for a password). Because this is the show. This is it. Here we take our stand, claim our souls, and cast out the demons of our tedium. On this Saturday night we shall come to the crossroads, in the shadow of the great magnolia, to bear witness, and let the razor winds of metal fury tear at the heavy sodden suits of our despair, rip away the polite armor of our lies, and remind us once again that when we are cut, we do bleed. Warm and red and living blood. Hallelujah.

Charlottesville knows Miami Nights. The Max Katz solo doom project that darkly blossomed into a trio of heavy, of honest heavy, no bullshit heavy– just the truth, the truth of the sound and the voice and the riffs and the rhythm. A pounding truth of Here Now Earth Roar. And the simple pleasure there. The power there. This is the music you grooved to in the womb, that Mama’s heartbeat music, if that womb was the molten core of the Earth, and Mama the whole of Creation.

Anicon and Yellow Eyes are both black metal bands from Queens. Now black metal is kind of bullshit. It follows a trickster god. It is hard to know what it is or claims to be, silly or serious, phony or sincere,  dangerous or benign, virile or neutered, Jack Daniels or Ovaltine, Viking Norway or Socialist Norway or Crypto-Lutheran Norway, lefse or lutefisk, ugly or pretty or pretty ugly or sublimely almost pretty, basement-dweller or übermensch, Shetland pony or Shetland sheepdog, mayonnaise or mustard (though certainly never ketchup), screaming or crying or just plain whining, crassly synthetic or mossily grotto-born, Alan Vega or Alan Ladd or Alan Alda or Allen wrench. This is its strength and its truth. The exultation of black metal, the liberation of black metal. And though I have never seen these two bands play, I have listened to some songs and it sounds like they are doing it right up there in Queens, what is slipping from their grasp is the real thing and no store-bought substitute . I think they can deliver, or thrillingly fail, I think this is going to be exciting. And it won’t matter if they are actually just Brooklynites, and I made up the thing about Queens to make them seem cool, because that’s part of black metal too. It’s like trying to keep up with all the atoms in a room, every one, you whir and you rush and you can’t do it and that is exactly how it is, impossible, a blur. And all the atoms are in pain.

A fish taco, a fish taco that never ends,  lutefisk wrapped in lefse, forever.

This is it. This is the show. Tonight. Magnolia. Come and bleed.




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SATURDAY: C-ville March Against Racist Police Violence

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Hey all,

Sorry for the paucity of posts: I’m getting ready to leave Charlottesville for a bit starting in September and Amanda Laskey is headed to Brooklyn very soon. Hence the slowdown in calendar updates and posts. But want to do as much as I can before then!

First, Julia Kudravetz tipped me off to this interview, conducted by Aaron Margosis (longtime WTJU DJ under the alias The Eclectic Baboon) with Ian MacKaye (Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Dischord Records) for the Rock Marathon in April. I think because of the new rollout, some hosted content has been dropped, so WAMU in D.C. has re-uploaded it to their website. MacKaye is an incredible example of how to try to live a good life. He also makes the awesome statement that Margosis was “the first person to ever play Dischord Records on the radio ever,” on WTJU!

Second, I got an e-mail from Brandon Collins (one-half of BC) concerning a march planned on Saturday. Details snipped from his e-mail below:


Hello friends! As most of you know the critical problems of institutional and systemic racism, police brutality, mass incarceration, police militarization, human rights violations, economic inequality, and lack of justice for people of color have come to a head in Ferguson, Missouri.

Organizers in Charlottesville have organized a march and demonstration this Saturday to show solidarity with the people of Ferguson and to call attention to our own local problems regarding police racism, state violence, mass incarceration and Charlottesville’s racist history.

Police or vigilantes shoot and kill a black man somewhere in this country every 28 hours. Stand together with the people in Ferguson, in Charlottesville, and all across the country and resist racist police violence, lack of police accountability and militarization of police forces.

Saturday 8/23

4:00pm – Silent Vigil at Federal Building intersection of Ridge and Main

4:30pm – March through Downtown Mall from Federal Building to Free Speech Wall and back to police station

5:00pm – Rally at Police Station 606 East Market Street

7pm- Tarima Abierta (Open Stage) Free open mic with special guests. Also, space will be provided for post march processing if needed. Contact mantishouse302 <at sign> gmail <period> com for directions of more information about the open mic.

Dress in all black in solidarity with those in rebellion in Ferguson, MO



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TONIGHT: We Are Star Children at the Pavilion, 5pm-ish; Bridge Reading Series feat. Lindsay Turner and Rebecca Taylor, 7pm, both FREE

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Two great events going on tonight in C-ville, both free and both equally engaging, albeit in different ways.


We Are Star Children (disclaimer: I was formerly in WASC and appear in their promo photos (as evidenced above!)) play tonight at Fridays After Five. This band is the equivalent of “Hey Ya!” the Outkast song–it’s impossible not to like. In a sick twist of logic, this is enough of a reason for some not to like it. But, when it comes down to it, you’ll fucking shake it like a Polaroid picture. It’ll be interesting to see the band do a two-set show, especially at the Pavilion, which is a mass of humanity at events like this. Should be great to check out though. Show starts around 5, at the Downtown Pavilion and is free.


The Bridge Reading Series (c0-curated by friend and oft-Nailgun-correspondent Julia Kudravetz) hosts a reading tonight with two Charlottesville literary powerhouses Lindsay Turner and Rebecca Taylor. From the Bridge’s website:

Lindsay Turner‘s poems and criticism have appeared or are forthcoming in Lana Turner JournalWebConjunctionsBoston Review, Kenyon ReviewFIELDDenver QuarterlyDrunken Boat, Los Angeles Review of Books, and elsewhere.  She holds an MFA in poetry from NYU and a Masters degree in film studies from the Université Paris III.  A 2013 Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship finalist, she currently lives in Charlottesville, VA, where she is a PhD candidate in English at the University of Virginia and is writing a dissertation on work and contemporary American poetry.

Rebecca Taylor grew up in White Hall, Virginia. She lives in New York, where she pursued a BA in creative writing and an MFA in fiction at Columbia University. One of her essays will be collected this fall in the McSweeney’s anthology Read Harder: Five More Years of Great Writing from the Believer. She is currently working on a novel.

Bit of local trivia: Rebecca Taylor, along with being a published writer, also appeared in John Johnson (local filmmaker, not big time Jon Johnson) horror films.

Event starts at 7pm at the Bridge PAI and is free.

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TONIGHT: Doom Metal at Main St. Annex, 9pm, $6

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Get a chance to peek Charlottesville’s (Central Va’s?) leading doom metal figure: Max Katz. She’s a buddy, and a total fucking baller. Her doom metal outfit Miami Nights plays tonight at the Main St. Annex along with Beldam (Former members of Comparative Anatomy (Beldam being an interesting spelling error they decided to go ahead with?))  and Earth Mover (‘Doom gaze from NC’ says Stan from Beldam). Facebook page is here. Show is at the Main St. Annex (next to Escafe), starts at 9pm and is $6.

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TONIGHT: Ha-Rang + Mannequin Pussy + Free Pizza, Tea Bazaar, 9pm, $5

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Show tonight is gonna be cray-cray yall! Amanda Laskey describes Mannequin Pussy as “One of the best Tea Bazaar artists I’ve ever hosted – they’ll tear your face off and then cradle you until you love them again.” Sounds pretty great! You might also want to read this great interview with guitarist and singer Marisa Dabice (trigger warning, there is a trigger warning in the title of the interview).

Doing their best to match MP’s enfant terrible charisma, Charlottesville’s own The Ha-Rang#! is also on the bill, playing the best garage rock in town. Rounding out the bill is Free Pizza, little is known of this band other than their high nominal value on a poster.


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