Friday // April // 24th // 2K15

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So there are a couple of things going on tonight here in Charlottesville. Here is a list below in the order of possible importance.

Over on campus the students of that college here in this town are having their Springiest and this year they have gotten Best Coast to headline this show. If you like popped out Garage Rock N Roll that mixes retro daydreaming and California sunshine to create some breezy rock than this is the show for you. There also seems to be a lot of other events and bands playing during this show yet the the only one I recognize from the Facebook event is The Anatomy Of Frank how do a solid Post Pop Rock N Roll styled endeavor. Anyway I believe this show is Free but I didn’t attend college so maybe I’m wrong. Ill leave a link HERE for the Facebook event which will give you more information and keep you better informed on all the things going on today.

Also happening tonight is a metal show going on at the Main Street Annex. I will be the first to admit that I am no metal expert at all so I see very little reason to try to explain in detail about the differece between all these bands but it all sounds from internet sampling to have a diffent doom metal sound and will definitely quince your thirst if your thirst is for loud dark metal music. Anyway doors for this are at 9PM and this show is $$8$$


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Friday Night

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@The Twisted Branch: Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Dan Trueman/Nathan Bowles/Kevin Davis  9:00  $8

@The Southern: Futurebirds/Avers/Shagwüf  9:00  $15

@Magnolia: Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt/Ento/Nu Depth/Two Ton Trapezoid /TBA  7:00(!?)  $(requested)

@Fardowners (in Crozet): Borrowed Beams of Light/New Boss

“Contemporary folk music”  often just means “horrifying abomination.” But there are some sophisticated and thoughtful musicians out there who explore traditional folk styles in a truly modern way, leaving behind the corn-pone and leprechauns, breaking it down to some pure soul in the sound, letting new light shine through its architecture. Nathan Bowles is a frequent visitor to Charlottesville who never fails to mesmerize with his music. He brings experimental and minimalist elements to his banjo playing. As do Raghallaigh and Trueman to the art of Irish fiddling, reclaiming it from the unholy empire of Flatley kitsch. They seem pretty heavyweight, like they usually find themselves playing on grander stages than that of the Teahouse. Cellist Kevin Davis of UVA looks like more of a straight-up contemporary classical/experimental musician, but he has Appalachian roots and there is a video on his website titled “Hillbilly free jazz”, so maybe he can fit into this theme. Expect a night of superb musicianship and significant beauty.

If you go to The Southern to see Futurebirds and Avers, be sure to catch the third act on the bill as well. Shagwüf  is Central Virginia’s Greatest Band — or at least they have as good a claim to the title as any. Hard-rocking, deep-grooving, angular and agile yet low-down and swampy, they deliver a sound more varied and dense with pleasure than should be possible. Entirely worthy of the umlaut. Plus, Sweet Pete and Sally Rose are as charming a front team as you will ever see. (You should also hear them play in The Sally Rose Band on Saturday as part of the Tom Tom Festival  – Lee Park, 12:50 PM, free.)

And then there is the Magnolia show, alluringly enigmatic, presumably electro-poptonic, fraudulently Tom Tomic. It might offer the best time of all. Or not.

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(04-16) Ex Hex / Y’all @ The Southern

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So a Charlottesville reunion of sorts is going down tonight here at The Southern. Two killer Charlottesville related bands are back to rock your face off and slay it . So yeah if you aren’t already showed out this week definitely be at this one and catch the tunes mon.

Heading the show is Ex Hex who I honestly before doing this write up hadn’t listened to much at all but I remember hearing lots of great things about their set last year at The Southern. Also being ignorant like I am I didn’t know till a friend told me a couple days ago that Betsey Wright of The Fire Tapes is playing in the band. This totally explains why I didn’t see this band playing shows around town anymore (while I enjoyed seeing them open shows round town being signed the Merge is so damn sick). Anyway their music has that fun 60s garage rock throw back sound wrapped in a modern lets have a good time vibe to it. Its honestly perfect music to enjoy this beautiful season of ours and have some brew too.

Also playing this show is Y’all who used to be The Invisible Hand and before that Adam Smith & The Invisible Hand. It used to be that you could easily catch these guys once a month and they would always put on one of the best rock sets in town. Now however now that Adam Smith has left us for the Pacific North West the ability to see them and dwindled down quite a bit. So yeah if your planing on going to this show you’d be stupid to miss this opening set. Relieve your Charlottesville glory days folks.

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Monday: Sir Richard Bishop, Robert Millis, Blood Moon

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4/13 @ The Twisted Branch: Sir Richard Bishop/Robert Millis/Blood Moon  9:00n  $8

I am copying and pasting the write-up that the Teahouse put up, because it is very informative and there is no sense in paraphrasing from it. But first I will say why I think you should go to this show (though listening to the video above should be enough to convince you — goddamn!). Robert Millis and Blood Moon I am not familiar with but it seems like there is a good chance that they alone will make the evening worthwhile. But it is the headliner, Sir Richard Bishop, who makes this a must-see event. Because there are certain artists who must be recognized as masters. You approach them as something like a student, if the word student could cleansed of all the miserable associations that our experiences with formal education have put upon it and brought back to the realm of adventure and delight. Bishop is such a master. He has spent his whole life on a long and strange journey through the world of music, as a member of the legendary Sun City Girls and as a solo guitarist, as himself a student of music from around the globe. He’s been out there, year after year, exploring the universe through sound, plumbing its depths and finding its beauty, going beyond the horizon of the ordinary. And if you get the chance to sit before such a master, as he demonstrates what he has learned, as he explores that universe anew right in front of you, as only he can–  well, you’d be be a fool not to take it.

Plus, he goes by Sir Richard Bishop, which is pretty cool.



Here’s a story for you. Sir Richard Bishop, prolific, virtuosic guitarist and founding member of experimental Arizonan troupe Sun City Girls, was last year living in Geneva. He was after a new instrument, handy enough to carry around, and, just as he was about to leave a backstreet luthier’s empty-handed, was presented with a somewhat cobwebbed, yet beautiful acoustic guitar, its sole identifying mark being a sticker bearing the C. Bruno manufacturer’s name. He immediately falls for it, decides it’s too expensive, leaves, returns, goes through the same hand-wringing, only – third time’s a charm – to come back once more, and hand over a fair wad of Swiss Francs. His pride and joy in tow, he then heads to Tangier in Morocco to record an album over the summer, leaving us, blessedly, with the document of this getting acquainted: the aptly-titled Tangier Sessions, his new album on Drag City, due on February 16 2015. And, with exquisite timing, they’ve kindly given us a first play of the record’s opening track, ‘Frontier’, a prime example, not only of his guitar’s resonant qualities but of Bishop’s deft, dexterous playing.

founding member of Climax Golden Twins and AFCGT, a solo artist and a frequent contributor to the Sublime Frequencies label. He has scored long and short films, created sound installations, produced and designed audio projects, and released many LPs and CDs. His work veers haphazardly between sound art, music concrete, instrumental, improv, field recording, song and collage. He has a deep interest in folk and traditional music, so imagine Pete Seeger trying to cover Revolution 9 by the Beatles.

BLOOD MOON: Blood Moon is an improvised music ensemble consisting of Matthew Burtner on soprano saxophone, Rachel Devorah Trapp on French Horn, Ryan Maguire on pedal steel guitar, and Kevin Davis on cello.

As colleagues in the UVa music department (Burtner is a professor there while the others are PhD students in composition), the group recently formed in 2014 due a shared interest in the possibilities of free improvisation. The project has since come to serve as a forum for research into the possibilities for real-time composition and experimentation with the outer limits of instrumental technique.

Due to their unusual instrumentation and varied backgrounds as performers and composers, the group is able to draw on a number of diverse stylistic and instrumental traditions, allowing for a kaleidoscopic array of musical textures to spontaneously emerge during performance.

This show is NOT associated with a festival occurring the same week.

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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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Sunday 4/12 @ The Southern: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Daddy Long Legs  9:00  $17

There should not be much need for a write-up for this show, as Jon Spencer and his band have been exploding for a very long time now. Once their version of neo-primitive blues rock was seen as some kind of post-modern pastiche, but over two decades later they are just three lifers making their music, still burning it up. With Daddy Long Legs, a younger band of the same ilk, this show should satisfy the deep howling needs of the American heart.

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A Marathon of Rock, With Fireworks

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Tonight, Friday the Tenth

@The Southern: Diarrhea Planet/Left & Right/International Friendly   9:00,  $15

@Magnolia: The Extraordinaires/Kate Bollinger   9:00ish maybe,  $(please?)


April in Charlottesville — the trees blossoms, the poetry flows, the festivals festivate, and the gypsies return to Hogwaller to barter their horses and learn about their oppression from earnest undergraduates. Tonight the Dogwood Festival lights up the sky with fireworks, just as Jefferson did when he returned from China, bringing with him the secrets of gunpowder and ice cream. Tomorrow night cheapskate cineastes will gather at the Paramount for a free screening of Timbuktu, later to reconvene at the Skybar to discuss the fine points of Afro-Islamic politics and the subtleties of camera angles.  Throughout the month a prolonged striptease will play itself out, people taking off, putting on, then taking off again various articles of clothing as the weather indecisively yet inevitably gropes its way toward summer heat. And everyone will notice that there is something in the air, something special.

Pollen, mostly. But this year also music. We have a tremendous month of music. Just look at the calendar to the right there. Enough music to choke a horse, sink a submarine, or grind a good man’s pencil down to diamond dust. And over it all looms, or radiantly shines, WTJU’s 2015 Rock Marathon, which continues through Sunday. WTJU is the heart of Charlottesville music. It is the great spirit that radiates — literally — through us. Even when you are not listening you can feel safe in the knowledge that all the cells of your body, your brain cells and liver cells and your blood corpuscles and those precious seeds of the future, your little sperms or eggs, are being bathed in radio goodness from WTJU’s powerful transmitters (this is what internet listeners — as useful as that option is — are missing out on). And it is our great hope, the hope you have that when you turn on your radio, you may hear something that will surprise and delight you, transfix and transform you. Like last Saturday night, a little after midnight, when I was heading home from Nelson County after watching a Fellini movie on videocassette, and I started my car and on came the sounds of WTJU, and they were the sounds of monkeys, field recordings. (Monkeys or apes or lemurs, the DJ played all three, covering his primate bases.) And the sounds those monkeys made just washed the Fellini right off of me, all that heavy Italian sauce just rinsed away by monkey music. I felt clean again, clean for Easter, driving through the night carried by a chorus of monkeys, going faster miles an hour, with the radio on.

I’m sure you’ve experienced such moments of grace yourself, WTJU provides them in abundance (I remember one that came from the song I just quoted, “Roadrunner” — it was on Old Lynchburg Road and I shouldn’t have been driving so fast but it was catharsis after a bad night and nobody died). They come free, as all grace comes free. But actually making the moments, with all the gear and electricity and administration and water cooler refills and such, does not. So when they pass the collection plate you might want to throw in a little something, to keep those moments coming, those beautiful surprises. To to keep the monkeys on the airwaves, the radio on

Some people can’t  get past the name. I have heard others dismiss them as “bro-punk” — not inapt. But Diarrhea Planet delivers pure rock energy about as well as any band out there. If that is what you are looking for then they will make you happy; they might even if that’s not what your looking for. Formerly of Charlottesville, Left & Right just keeps getting stronger. They have a tight 90′s style sound (I think of Archers of Loaf, but your reference may vary), also putting out a lot of energy but more focused, as if by magnets or a quality education.

That’s an excellent show, but if your looking for an alternative, maybe something gentler but still featuring some former C’villians who moved to Philadelphia (apart from New York, probably the the most important center of the Charlottesville Diaspora), then check out the Extraordinaires at Magnolia. They used to play here all the time, they were beloved by the people, but these past few years they seem to have fallen out of our sight. It will be interesting to see what these guys, always ambitiously creative, are up to now.


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(04-08) Dan Deacon / Prince Rama / Ben O’ Brien @ The Southern

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Another year is upon us so inevitably another Dan Deacon show is bound to come to this town of towns and guess what today is the day folks for such a thing to occur. For those who don’t know who Dan Deacon is by now honestly I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. Basically just this millennial generations Philip Glass who puts out amazing neon splashed electronic music that when performed live becomes an even more amazing experience full of lots of crowd participation and dad jokes and sweaty bodies that always by the end leaves you in a state of euphoric ecstasy. Basically if your in the mood to dance tonight or like electronic music just in general this is an absolutely can’t miss type of artist here so definitely come out and catch him.

Opening the show is Ben O Brien who is a Baltimore comedian / video artist who I honestly know not for his comedy but for his puppet based tv series Showbeast. His comedy seems to be based in the typical Wham City irreverent humor that seems to dominate that crabby Maryland city and should be a good chuckle worthy experience. Also opening for this show is the amazing Prince Rama who do amazing psyched out heavy precision dance music that is splashed with many various non western world influenced. I’m real excited to see them again cause its been years since I saw them last and that show was tight and hopefully tonights will be as well. So yeah doors for this I believe are at 9PM and this sucka is fifteen dollars.

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The Good Friday Concert with Weird Mob, The Secret Storm, & Heart Pines

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Friday 4/3 @ The Southern: Weird Mob / The Secret Storm / Heart Pines   9:00pm  $8

They’re A Weird Mob is a late, post-Archers, Australia film by the great Powell and Pressburger. Considered a classic down under, it remains obscure to the rest of the world. It should not to be confused with the Charlottesville band Weird Mob which will playing its record-release show tonight at  The Southern. Weird Mob’s long-awaited debut lp, Wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzards, has finally achieved incarnation and is ready to find its way into the hearts of the people. Hear it live, take it home preserved, and celebrate it with a T-shirt. Also playing will be Lauren Hoffman’s The Secret Storm, and Heart Pines, which is a new band from Jessie and Bryan Hoffa of Broken Hips (a disturbing name but a great band from Charlottesville’s past).

If you want to read more on these bands The Southern has posted a good number of words about them here. With their industrial capacity they can generate far more words far more precisely than we ever could here at Nailgun with our crude backyard wordpressing and linkspinning.

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(03-31) Fountainsun/ Grand Banks / The Voice Of Saturn @ Main Street Annex

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So this crazy stacked spring seasons of shows in Charlottesville is starting up and coming up at the Main Street Annex tonight is an absolute amazing show. Like seriously no excuses on this one. Last second can’t miss shit is happening here folks so don’t sleep on it.

Heading this one is Fountainsun which is made up of Daniel Higgs of Lungfish fame as well as Fumie Ishii who is Tokyo based and seems to be an artist of lots of different formats in her own right. For me I’m still to this day kicking myself for being to lazy to catch Higgs when he played Al Hamara back in 2011 (which I think also had Grand Banks on the bill as well as another Lungfish related act, aka Zomes) so I’m absolutly ecstatic that he is finally coming back to VA to play. Fountainsun’s material is a lot in the vein of Daniel Higgs’s other solo material in which there is a real cryptic neo psych sound to it all but it is packaged into a more full sound with having an extra musician play with him so Im real excited about what is in store tonight and you should be to.

Opening the show is hometown Charlottesville legends Grand Banks which is made up of Tyler Magill & Davis Salisbury. These guys have been kicking it around town since this whole new millennium thing started and have consistently been one of the best bands in town if not just the best. Killer electronic usually drone jams that are always transcendental experiences and totally rad as well. Anyway these guys don’t play to often these days cause they have probably more adult things to do like take care of kids or pay off mortgages or something so defiantly don’t miss out on the chance to see these guys play.

Also on the bill for this is The Voice Of Saturn which is made up of some UVA professor named Travis who I should really know more info about cause I’ve seen him now open like 4 shows in 2015 and all of them have been amazing. Real awesome electronic jams that could end up being real spaced out but might also just be some total bangers instead.

So yeah doors are at 8PM and this one is eight dollars. Catch you their Charlottesville!

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hey so onwe is back in town

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So as I lounge about here on a slow work shift dealing tacos I feel like I should throw out that there is a real sick show happening at the tea house tonight you should check out.Onwe is coming through Charlottesville again this month and if you caught their set at Al Hamara you know that these guys are trill. Anyhow I’m gonna be a literary great and just throw up some pre written Facebook press cause you know I’ve gotta go clean a deep fryer now and live the restaurant dream.

ONWE: Shortly after the debut of their first single, “Unpaid Internship” on Portals back in February, ONWE has risen to become a highly recognizable if not controversial band within the Brooklyn music scene. ONWE is fronted by an eccentric and enigmatic character known as David Wells – a satirical figure that represents the stereotypically privileged and apathetic millennial. While Wells’ antics have at times bordered on excess, there is no doubt that behind the ruse lies an immensely talented musician and captivating songwriter. ONWE is currently writing and recording new material which they plan to release in early 2015 and will be touring the United States and Europe throughout the rest of the year.

Nicholas Nicholas is the hazy dark-pop project of Brooklyn’s Chris Masullo (also of Heavenly Beat) and friends. Masullo self released his debut Comfort Falls in 2013– a “vaporware take on a John Hughes film” according to Portals. Nicholas Nicholas’ sophomore effort ‘Wrong’ was released on cassette via Miscreant Records in August of 2014, recognized by FADER as “a triumph of morning dew and melodrama” The band is preparing a new release for 2015.

Cville experimental electro funk

Doors: 9PM /// $$seven$$

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