Tea Nights –Tuesday: Hypnogia Films :: Wednesday: Dais Queue, Nagual, Voice of Saturn

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Tuesday: Hypnogia Films Art Film Night   8pm, FREE
Wednesday: Nagual with Carl Mitchell / Dais Queue / The Voice of Saturn   9pm, $7

All I know about tonight’s screening is what I have read at the link above, so why not just reprint it? I also know that  a meeting of an underground radical book club faction was rescheduled to avoid a conflict with this event; you can judge for yourself whether that fact weighs in its favor, against it, or is entirely irrelevant, but you cannot say that you were not forewarned. I should also mention that the Tea Bazaar sells teas, and the combination of certain teas with intensive imagery of an experimental nature may cause effects ranging from the the ecstatic to the terrifying to the downright cozy. Please consult your server before mixing tea with experimental short films of a potentially radical nature.

Hypnagogia Films presents New Horizons: An evening of local underground experimental short films.
Attempting to revive the heyday of art House cinema, Hypnogogia films is a collection of four Virginia filmmakers: Angus Carter, Edmond Marchetti, Lawrence Simonitsch and R.K Haney. Working in variety of cinematic mediums such as 8mm, digital video and found footage, these Virginia based filmmakers bring a refreshing new take to independent film, with cutting edge experimental films that one is not likely to see in traditional movie houses or even on the festival circuit.
Run time ~1.5 hrs



After Johann Sebastian Bach and Burt Bacharach came and put the all the sounds in order, forging joyous harmony and peaceful accord such as should be a model unto all the nations of the earth, many people didn’t even notice that they left something behind, that there were sounds between those sounds, and they too could be beautiful. The quest for those sounds is another kind of experimentation, musical experimentation, putting together sounds in ways that, some might argue, go against all that is right & natural & good & godly, while others maintain the opposite, or agree but are totally psyched by such antinomian rebellion. Wednesday the Teahouse will be hosting a night of such experiments.

 Dais Queue is Charlottesville’s own Davis Salisbury, of Grand Banks, doing things to and with his guitar, curiously touching and striking and strumming it. It generally responds pretty well to his ministrations, and you will want to hear it for yourself. He will have some tapes with him this time, a split release with Mope Lounge, which you can listen to here.

The Voice of Saturn is another local project, from Travis Thatcher. He is the Technical Director at UVA’s Virginia Center for Computer Music and he also makes and sells his own electronic music gear, which is what he will be playing. Like Joe Jackson, first he makes the instruments, then he makes them sing. I caught of bit of The Voice of Saturn at an earlier show and am eager to see a full set.

Nagual is a guitar duo (they played an excellent set at Magnolia a time ago) who will joined by Carl Mitchell on saxophone. Sonic streamings and entwinings and reverbations, moving slowly and vastly with always that fluttering heart inside. Johann Sebastian would agree that here too may God be found, though maybe not in Lutheran form.


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that sold out show you might be going 2

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Well word has just come down that this big Sunday show at The Southern tonight is !!!SOLD OUT!!! which means I’m really not sure what point this Nailgun post is gonna serve. Yet since this show is a big thing and their is always things like Stubhub and you know waiting outside the venue to try your luck at scalping or something I’m gonna still do something brief for this show because why not.


Headlining this show is Parquet Courts who are that NYC Garage Rock band that those bigger indie review sites have spent the last two years comparing them to Pavement and dubbing them the New Pavement. To be real I don’t know about all that, sort of comes across as a lazy explanation for this band but this music is definitely full of lots of 1990′s rock era throw back sounds and style being mixed with lyrical imagery and sound that comes across all disorienting and sassy so I totally see their point. Anyway I’ve heard lots of great things about this bands live show so basically this could be one of the better and bigger rock shows to come to Charlottesville this year so if you’ve got your ticket their is a decent chance your gonna see a really good show so enjoy yourself.


Opening this show is up and coming DC punk band Priests that from a little youtube viewing looks and sounds pretty good. Very DC rooted material that is definitely has flashes of Riot Grrrl punk sounds being mixed with lots of New Wave tendencies. Totally abrasive Garage rock that from all that youtube viewing suggests it could possibly have some of y’all swaying about or moshing or something else in the dance department. So yeah def try to get their early and catch this band play because we’ll yeah this looks really rad.

Anyway Doors are at 8:30pm and show starts at 9pm 

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Ha-RAng Tonight, Ta-Nehisi Tomorrow

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Wednesday at The Southern: Wet Socks / the Ha-RAng!#  – a FRee Show!^, 9:00

Tonight The Southern is hosting a free bar show with two bands who continue the great American tradition of garages, as well as basements, backyards, dubious proprietorships of under-the-counter booze and warm beer, and community centers gone to seed.  The Wet Socks are from Savannah and have a stripped down surf-punk sound. Local mainstays the Ha-RAng!# show no fear of keyboards, neither in typing their name nor playing their music. A classic  guitar/bass/drum/& organ combo. You can pay a lot of money to see a show a lot worse than this one, which will cost you nothing, though you might be moved to a large bar tab. Check it out and satisfy those primal rock’n’roll needs.

Thursday at Culbreth Theater: Ta-Nehisi Coates   Free  6:00

All the tickets to this have been claimed, but there will be standby line at the door or maybe someone will have an extra ticket for you (I am looking for an extra ticket myself). Coates is giving an address as part of UVA’s Martin Luther King celebration. He is probably best known for his long article The Case for Reparations, which is certainly a major work of journalism that everyone should read. But I think of him primarily as a blogger, though he has been doing that only intermittently of late. Nobody has done more with the still mostly unrealized potential of the blog than Ta-Nehisi Coates. I hope he returns to it on the regular, so that aimless trollers on the internet will have someone to count on to save us from our quiet desperation.


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Indie Rock Tonight @ Tea Bazaar: Kindergarden, Feral Conservatives, and French Admirals

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Indie Rock. Tonight (1/20) @ 8 pm. Tea Bazaar. $5. You can’t beat these prices.


There are some bands who rock too hard (a good thing), and some bands who rock just enough (also a good thing). Call them “rock-teases.” They are like the smart girl who never takes her bra off during sex, but you love her anyway. The result is tight, well-composed jams with subtle breakdowns and melodies. Kindergarden will keep you coming back. Check out this soundcloud track. https://soundcloud.com/jwt2761/ellapreview. It’s an excerpt. Another tease, but gets my point across nicely.

Feral Conservatives:

A two-piece from Virginia Beach, features sped-up mandolin folk songs layered over a noisy indie/college rock background—a background which will occassionally rise up and take over. Approachable vocals. They also have a soundcloud with many songs. So, check it out. https://soundcloud.com/feralconservatives. Also, bandcamp: http://feralconservatives.bandcamp.com/.

French Admirals:

A new trio of experienced song-writers from D.C., bring us some mid-tempo indie rock with a mellow sentiment. Jilted, but not bitter about it. Nuanced, but digestible. Guitar sounds vary from an acoustic, singer-songwrite vibe, to rock with the occasional tasteful guitar solo. Check out their bandcamp: http://frenchadmirals.bandcamp.com/releases.

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Tonight at The Bridge: Word, Sound & Vision

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Bridge Reading Series: Thomas Pierce & Ansel Elkins, 7pm
Screensavers 002: A Night of Experimental Audio Visual Performances, 8:15pm

A literary reading may not seem like a good idea. Someone gets up in front of a roomful of people and reads aloud what they have written — why? What kind of sense does that make? Why not just stay home and read a book in bed or by fire or hammock-strung like a civilized human being? But in my experience readings are often surprisingly enjoyable. There is a real gratification that comes from bringing literature into a communal experience, and there is often also cheese. The Bridge series does this quite well. They pair a prose writer with a poet for variety, and they keep it short to stay within the limits of satiety. Tonight’s authors look very promising, and you should check out Sarah Lawson’s write-up on them.

Immediately after that it is Screensavers. From The Bridge website:

January 16 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Screensavers 002: A Night of Experimental Audio Visual Performances

Screensavers, a semi annual audio visual performance series, brings together emerging and established artists including musicians, filmmakers and poets for a night of unexpected collaborations. 

Blood Moon (brand new UVA Music improviational super group featuring Ryan Maguire, Kevin Davis, Rachel Trapp and Matthew Burtner) https://blood-moon.bandcamp.com/

Michelle Seippel (live cinema performance)

Bernard Hankins (spoken word) + Reid Hildebrand (video)


A new short film by Greg Nachmanovitch

The Bridge PAI
8:00 PM (directly following the Jan. Bridge Reading series)

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Amanda Laskey’s Best of 2014

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So I know I don’t actually live in Charlottesville anymore, but I lived there for 75% of the year so I’m going to count myself as a C-villian for 2014. As always, I am terrible about listening to music in a timely manner, so apologies if I missed something that was great. I’ll keep it short and sweet and hopefully just keep this as a place where our readers can post what they listened to and saw this past year. I’m so thankful to have been a part of the Charlottesville music scene as the person booking/running sound/taking your money at the Tea Bazaar, a member of the UVA Music Arts Board who helped bring Philip Glass to UVA, and a (kinda) Nailgun writer. Thanks to everyone who put out great records and played great shows this year, and special shoutout to Danny Shea and Graham Partridge who always enabled me to see any of the rad shows in Charlottesville.

Best Charlottesville-ish Band Albums of 2014:

Big Air – Buds – Garage pop punk with the best guitar riffs and drumming that helped flush out a small but powerful lineup. I was especially sad when The Fire Tapes broke up and was really pleased to see Rob Dobson creating some new material with Greg Sloan, known for his participation (at the time) in Dwight Howard Johnson and The Ha-Rang. This band grew tremendously over the course of the year (well, not people-wise, that always stayed at two), and this tape’s eventual release on Wiener Records, the lil sibling of Burger Records, was well-deserved.

Y’all – I’m Here Right Now – When The Invisible Hand dissolved this past year some of us didn’t know what would happen in the Charlottesville music scene. It actually ended up benefiting our town because we ended up with two great bands, New Boss, whose first show was one of my favorite memories in town, and Y’all. Invisible Hand was great, but it always felt like a band of singles, rather than a band who made albums. I’m Here Right Now is an album, not a collection of songs. When you run a venue and live in a small city, there is sometimes the tendency to not listen to recorded music that your friends are making. But I *wanted* to listen to this album, and I still do.

Left & Right – Five Year Plan – I remember leaving some terribly attended Tea Bazaar show where someone (perhaps Wayne Coyne’s nephew’s cough cough) was unbelievably rude to me and I basically had enough. I gave Zak Krone, the face of the Tea Bazaar shows in my absence the past summer, a call, just so I could vent. And it was actually perfect timing, because he was able to tell me that Infinity Cat was going to be releasing their new album as part of their cassette series, and that their first show together with Diarrhea Planet at the Tea Bazaar had made this possible for them. I had never felt so much pride and happiness for a band, because not only did I like the boys of Left & Right, I loved their new album. From shoegaze-y tunes such as “My Favorite Ghost” to the 90′s style fuzzed out punk of “Low Expectations”, Five Year Plan had the focus and range of seasoned pros. Left & Right is no longer a local band to call when you can’t find an opener. Left & Right is the reason to go to the show, and they have been proving this time and time again. Five Year Plan is going to be released on vinyl in 2015 through Cville’s own WarHen Records and Old Flame Records, so maybe it’ll get a chance to pop up on someone else’s list next year…

Best Albums of 2014:

Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

I originally planned to write full-writeups about all the records I loved in 2014, but truthfully I keep on coming back to this one. It’s been almost a year since this record came out and I could still listen to it every day. I purposely walk places without people so I can sing along (these are the struggles of not owning a car). Since her previous full length, Half Way Home, Angel Olsen has continued to build to her music, most easily understood by adding a full band for her live shows, but also seen through her lyrical development and the range of her songs. As you may see by looking through my list of favorite shows of 2014, I am mostly seen at more experimental punk and noise shows over concerts with NPR songstresses, so I think my firm stance that this is the best record of 2014 should stick with you, and maybe you should give it a listen.

The Runners-Up:

Ava Luna – Electric Balloon

I saw this band twice in one day. They sound like the best combination of Can, Talking Heads, and Solange. They had Dirty Projectors-like tight harmonies without any monitors. Thoroughly impressed.

Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static

Honestly, I really disliked this album the first time I heard it. Their vocalist has “theatrical” vocals which is not normally my style, but I’ve grown to love this band. Amazing lyrics, aggressive bass parts, guitar melodies that draw from noise influences. I’m pleased.

Celestial Shore – Enter Ghost

This is Celestial Shore’s second full-length and it’s significantly more accessible. It’s a great art psych rock album.

Deerhoof – La Isla Bonita

A lot of the bands that made great records this year made records that sounded like Deerhoof (see: Ava Luna, Celestial Shore). But nothing can compare to the pop bubblegum weirdness that is Deerhoof. Everything is a hook, everything is planned to suck you in. It’s really smart pop music.

Ex-Breathers – Exbx

Hey! I liked a hardcore record! 11 minutes, 12 songs. When I saw this band play they yelled at rowdy kids at Macrock about being disrespectful. That’s my kind of hardcore band.

Grouper – Ruins

It’s really strange to be able to hear the lyrics on a Grouper album. The clear vocals and piano-driven songs are a change, but Grouper is still one of the best songwriters out there.

Guerrilla Toss – 367 Equalizer / Smack the Brick

They’re weird as hell, but if you put in the time it’s worth it. If you start a fitness class to the music of Guerrilla Toss let me know because I wanna come. Nothing gets me pumped more than Guerrilla Toss.

Habibi – Habibi

Habibi isn’t a band to push the envelope, but they make perfect pop songs. “I Got The Moves” might be my favorite song of 2014. Put this on at your next party.

Horse Lords – Hidden Cities

Horse Lords are making some of the best music out there, and it’s great to see a more traditional full-length from them. (Their last record was composed of 2 songs, though it still clocked in at 38 minutes) A great mix of noise, krautrock, and more academic experimental music.

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – Chambers

I was introduced to the amazing song “What’s Holding You?” during the rock marathon by the legendary WTJU DJ Goldfinger. Classic psych rock jams.

Mitski – Bury Me at Makeout Creek

Besides Angel Olsen, there were many other great female songwriters putting out music this year. Mitski is a perfect example of that. Her song “Townie” is a great young-adult anthem for women, even “well-behaved” ones like me. Because who hasn’t thought “I am not gonna be what my Daddy wants me to be – I wanna be what my body wants me to be.”

Pontiak – Innocence

Pontiak live on a farm only about two hours outside of Charlottesville and put out this record on Thrill Jockey, but still seem like foreigners in our town. They are three brothers making extremely loud classic psych rock-and-roll tunes. Though the album reads “Please play at maximum volume”, the quiet songs on the album are also real stunners.

St. Vincent – St. Vincent

Truthfully, I tried to avoid this album for a long time. I thought the St. Vincent phase of my life was over, but this album rips. She is one of the best guitarists making music these days and she does it in such an unconventional way I can’t dismiss it.

Three Legged Race – Rope Commercial Vol. 1

Robert Beatty is mostly known for his involvement with the noise outlet Hair Police, but has been steadily gaining more traction by creating album art for Oneohtrix Point Never and Real Estate. His 2014 EP “Rope Commercial Vol. 1″ is a weird mix of no wave, ambient, and noise music. The first track All Ajax Dial should be a treat for anyone who appreciates electronic and tape music.

Wand – Ganglion Reef

I asked psych garage rock expert Rob Dobson for his suggestions for best albums in that genre and this one showed up on the list and stuck out. There are a lot of bands making music like this, but I always appreciate the “wall of sound” approach, and Wand delivers.

Albums I seriously thought came out this year:

Krill – Lucky Leaves

Even though this came out in 2013, it falls into the category of smart pop music that dominated my 2014. Who doesn’t like a weird time signature?

Joanna Gruesome – Weird Sister

There’s something so therapeutic about being able to “I’ve been waiting to crush your fucking skull”. True stunner is Wussy Void which sounds like a Swearin’ song without the whine.

Best Band to See Live in 2014:

Guerrilla Toss

I first came across Guerrilla Toss when I found out Left & Right was going to be the third tape in the Infinity Cat Tape Series and wanted to check out the previous bands featured. I turned on a 4 song freak out album and was really confused. I am normally really accepting, but found the songs to be totally jarring. Still, I figured I would give them a chance and go see them live at Hopscotch. I ended up in the second or third row in a venue that is possibly smaller than the Tea Bazaar, but with the same long, narrow layout. And during their first song I was hooked. I’m not normally a fan of a shtick, and for a band with a shirtless bassist and a lead singer who seems to be leading an intense dance workout, Guerrilla Toss could be seen as a shtick. But everything comes across as completely genuine. Everyone started dancing along, and not in a “let’s have fun seeing this DJ in concert way!”, but in a positive, yet extremely aggressive environment. I saw them twice more before the end of the year and had a blast every time. I don’t like fun normally, but Guerrilla Toss changed me. Go see them in a crowded room and be a fool. I think it will probably be good for your health.

Best Shows of 2014:

January 14 – Math the Band + Close Talker + Nu Depth @ The Tea Bazaar
January 28th – Pontiak + Sharkopath + Astronomers @ The Tea Bazaar
February 22nd – Horse Lords @ The Creative Alliance, Baltimore
February 23rd – Air Waves @ The Southern
March 6th – Juan Wauters + Gull @ BON (simultaneously the worst show of the year)
March 23rd – Future Islands @ The Southern
March 29th – Peak + Klauss + New Boss @ The Tea Bazaar
April 1st – Philip Glass @ Old Cabell Hall, UVA
April 5th – Disco Doom + Ovlov + Ex-Breathers + Psychic Teens + Big Ups @ Macrock 2014
4/20 – Weed @ Golden Tea House, Philly
April 25th – Titus Andronicus @ Blue Nile, Hburg
May 9th – Bleeding Rainbow + Y’all + Big Air @ The Tea Bazaar
June 6th – Your Friend + Weird Mob @ Tea House
June 14th – Anchor 3 (now known as Swings) + Skullkid @ The Tea Bazaar
June 18th – Bad History Month + Dust From 1000 Years @ The Tea Bazaar
July 4th – Fucked Up + Weed @ Strange Matter RVA
July 8th – Flower Girl + Big Weird @ Tea Beezy
July 25th – Against Me! + Jenny Owen Youngs @ The Southern
August 8th – JEFF the Brotherhood + Nu Depth @ The Southern
August 30th – Andrew Cedermark + Liam Betson @ Shea Stadium BK
September 4th – Lee Noble + Axxa/Abraxas + Guerrilla Toss + Tim Hecker @ Hopscotch, Raleigh, NC
September 5th – MV&EE @ Three Lobed Day Show, Matt Northrup + Palehound + Ken Mode @ Hopscotch, Raleigh, NC
September 6th – St. Vincent + Zomes + Weyes Blood + Ava Luna + Sun Araw @ Hopscotch, Raleigh, NC
October 11th – Whatever Brains @ Death by Audio BK
October 17th – Guerrilla Toss @ Secret Project Robot BK
October 31st – Diarrhea Planet + Mitski @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar
November 2nd – Ex Hex + Speedy Ortiz + Big Ups @ Mercury Lounge NYC
November 4th – Reading Rainbow + Ar-Kaics @ Death by Audio BK
November 7th – Grifters @ Glasslands BK
November 15th – Rhombus @ Michael Jordan, Philly
November 20th – Thee Oh Sees + Natural Child + Jack Name + Skimask @ Death by Audio BK
November 21st – METZ, Protomartyr, Nots. Sleepies @ Death by Audio BK
November 22nd – Final Night of Death by Audio BK – Lightning Bolt + A Place to Bury Strangers + JEFF the Brotherhood + Grooms
December 9th – Angel Olsen @ Bowery Ballroom NYC
December 12th – Swans + Liturgy @ Warsaw BK

A Definitive Ranking of the 14 times I saw Left & Right in 2014

March 21st – Left & Right @ Speakertree Records, Lynchburg
January 31st – Left & Right + Lil Huffy + Snowy Owls @ Tea Bazaar
December 5th – Left & Right + Mannequin Pussy + Big Ups @ Girard Hall, Philly
June 24th – Left & Right @ PhilaMOCA
February 1st – Left & Right + Lil Huffy + Snowy Owls @ My Mansion, Harrisonburg
September 3rd – Left & Right + Diarrhea Planet + Y’all @ Tea Bazaar
November 6th – Left & Right + Desert Sharks @ Shea Stadium BK
February 8th – Left & Right @ Moonbase Nix, Philly
January 30th – Left & Right + Lil Huffy + Snowy Owls @ Strange Matter RVA
April 3rd – Left & Right + Big Air + Other Colors @ Tea House
September 1st – Left & Right @ Velvet Lounge, DC
December 27th – Left & Right @ Yarga’s Basement Philly
April 5th – Left & Right @ Macrock
May 22nd – Left & Right + Big Air @ Milkboy Philly

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Also on Tuesday (1/13): The Sharp Lads, Toxic Moxie, & Ferrigno @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

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Come see The Sharp Lads (NYC), Toxic Moxie (RVA), and Ferrigno (Cville) at the Twisted Branch on Tuesday, January 13th! Doors @ 8:30 pm, Bands start @ 9 pm.

The Sharp Lads:

I can’t really outdo the bio from their website, so here it is:

Impossible riffs. Obscene showmanship. An ass-groovin’ rhythm section. New punk songs with catchy melodies, the likes of which you never thought you’d hear again. The Sharp Lads released their debut album in the summer of 2011, and unleashed a campaign of live rock n’ roll shock and awe, unlike anything the world had ever witnessed before. And now they’re back!
Taking lessons learned on their home turf of NYC and on the road everywhere else they could, playing to crowds of sweaty loyalists and stunned new converts alike, with no concern for their own personal safety or worries about anything other than the moment, the Lads have emerged from their experiences with Death by Misadventure, their second album released Spring 2014.
Dave Tierney leads the charge with schizo vocals alternating between desperate screams and genre bending melodies. Rob Fudge shreds alien riffs that make you feel like your first time all over again while Kurt Wahlstrom holds down the bowel shaking bottom end playing a bass carved from a Jamaican treehouse. Driving the beat like a hell spawned hot rod with its brake lines cut, Steve Dios is blasting these songs with a frightening fury all the way to their grisly finish.
Surrender your sons and daughters. It’s already too late.


Toxic Moxie:

Everyone’s favorite disco punks return to Cville. They take a style similar to Delta 5, but raise the bar making it rougher, grittier, and, surprisingly, more “disco-y.” You can tell they channel divas both on stage and in their spare time. Always worth coming out to see them.



This band from Cville brings tough-ass, riffy jams that ride on and on. With the straight, authoritative vocals, Ferrigno eschews the self-indulgence to distill skate punk into what it should become: Nostalgic, cathartic, and fresh.


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Tuesday (1/13): GULL, Suicide Magnets, Altaratla, & Ben FM @ the Main St. Annex

January 11th, 2015 · 3 Comments · By

This Tuesday, come see the Ben FM/GULL “WA – DA – Tour” converge with the Suicide Magnets/Altaratla “Winter Tour” at the Main Street Annex in Charlottesville. January 13th. Doors @ 7 pm. Price: $7.

Gull (Richmond):
Solo street musician and masked puppenspieler Nate Rappole layers live guitar loops with tight, varied drum rhythms, echoing vocals, and more, tapped-out guitar phrases all at once, resulting in a sound oscillating from the ambient and spiritual to the spastic and agitated.  Very fun to watch.  Be sure to check out Gull’s website to watch the trailer for the Gull documentary “Street Muse: Kenya,” featuring footage of Gull playing with other street musicians in Kenya.


Suicide Magnets (Providence):

Born from a germ sown in Philly noise dirt, now accompanied by drummer Chris Urany (ex-Necronomitron; Jesus Crust), Wendy Hyatt returns to Charlottesville to strum forth more bittersweet atonement, resulting in a plugged-in, post-grunge, “casablanca of song-poem revelry.”* Both members of the duo have deep roots in the good ol’ days of the Cville music scene (Tokyo Rose, Pudhouse), and Suicide Magnets rocked the Tea Bazaar last year. We are excited to have them back.

*quoted portion from Bryan Martin



Altaratla (Providence):

Altaratla’s vocals come echoing up from some trans-dimensional dungeon while the distortion-laced bass and drums both plod heavily forward bearing dark sentiments at a medium pace. The sound is as alienating as it is intimate.



Ben FM (Richmond):

Ben Bateman (ex-Luggage) just released a new album, “World Peace Motherfuckers,” on Richmond’s hip hop label, Gritty City Records. At times old-school, at others non-traditional, eccentric and humorous, then serious and reflective, Ben FM’s style is both grimey and refreshingly unaffected.


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01/09/2015 — 01/10/2015

January 9th, 2015 · 3 Comments · By

Oh my oh my Charlottesville we’ve got a crazy amount of good stuff coming up this weekend. Like seriously this one is mad stacked. So yeah screw this whole being cold thing and hang with your fellow man and bundle together in some possibly warm central air rooms and have some fun.





First and for most the show at the Tea Bazaar this Friday is a very heavy bill and is one to not miss at all. I believe headlining the bill is Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band who produces some really good spaced and psyched out Rock n Roll. Real Mad hypnotic jams that seem very reminiscent to that of Eternal Tapestry or Zomes in that whole hypnoticness. This set with the Solar Motel Band seems to be more Rock and less Electronica but still some real tight Jammy Rock Bangers.



Also on the bill is Elisa Amborigo who also fronts the amazing noise rock group Magik Markers. I’ve caught her play in various projects multiple times and she has always been amazing. I can especially remember her backing Six Organs Of Admittance at the UVA chapel in 2008 around this time of the year and being both incredible cold while hanging out with a really passive aggressive first girlfriend that you might settle with in high school as well as being blown away by  how Elisa Amborigo noisy guitar work added so much to the already talented Ben Chasny. Anyway she just put out the really amazing album The Immoralist on Drag City last year that is less of the noise rock anthems but more of the singer songwriter type songs that are quite moving and still filled with lots of experimental tendencies and sass you’d expect with anything Magik Markers associated. I’m quite excited to see what she will do for this show and so should you.



Rounding up the bill for this one we have have Nathan Bowles on the bill who used to rock it hard in the 90s with Virginia’s finest Pelt and is still killing the folk game with black twig pickers as well as doing his own solo work. Seriously this dude is pumping out the best folk music out there right now even though his music is definitely shouldn’t be just labeled as folk or whatever. So let your hearts get filled with pride on some good Virginia tradition during his set and yeah get out and enjoy yourself.



Also happening on this Friday is some older Charlottesville bands doing their thing and keeping the game going at The Jefferson. Headlining is Egypt who I really don’t know much about but from what I have been told they where at one point that other Charlottesville band that was goanna blow up like our saint and god Dave Matthews but that as things go in life sometimes that just didn’t happen. They still play shows around Charlottesville once a year and do a good times funk show type of thing. Not really sure if this is my thing or really anyone on Nailgun’s but like they definitely have their merit considering all the shows they sell out.



Backing the billing up is Bella Morte, aka Charlottesville finest Goth band around. I actually haven’t seen these guys live but I did catch their lead singer Andy Deane doing a solo set at the Impulse club and just like Egypt not really sure if his/their music is my bag but I can say for sure that I know a huge group of people in Charlottesville love this band and also Andy Deane  is a super nice dude who is doing his own thing and that is something to be impressed by (also he shares my name and I’m always down for other Andy’s to succeeded). This show definitely looks like it will be a fun time and if your into one or both these bands than this one is a no brainer.



Oh and guess what there is also a total rock steady heavy show happening at the Main Street Annex. Charlotteville’s Horsefang is headlinging this show and as always these dudes are slaying it with their Doom Metal heavy shit. These cats don’t play to many shows so def catch them if you have a fever and metal is the cure. Rounding up the bill is Vomit Fist which is a father and son fronted metal group from NYC who bring short and hard haitting some type of metal. Also playing is Red Money which are more of the post rock metal hyribd type of band that honestly I’ve never gotten into at all…..sorrry. Rounding up the bill is Charlottesville’s Bedhlam who I knew nothing about before looking into this show but from listening to their sound could they seem like a solid drone metal act which obviously is a super rad thing to have in Charlottesville so word up 2 u guys.





So Magnolia has a last second folky show going on that should actually def be worth checking out if you wanna venture into the danger zone of 10th street. Fronting the bill is Mallory who are from Amherst, MA and do a sort of outsider new weird America folk thing that is always enjoyable. Rounding up the bill is Katie Wood who does quite lovely singer songwriter matieral and will I believe be backed for the first time doing her matieral with a band. Also playing is Sam Uriss who is a fellow Murray High School graduate doing some old school Country Folk song covers in the vein of Johnny Cash and other whiskey drinking anthems as well as sell written songs that are in the similar vein.



Now however if your thinking screw going to a folk show and your thinking about how you wanna grind on whatever sex your into or just want to nod your head to some throwback jams than come out to The Jefferson and see Thomas Dean do his Nasty dance party. Ive never seen him do this at the Jefferson but seen him and once Charlottesvillian Adam Smith do this at Mono Loco a bunch of times and this is always a fun way to unwind and have a good time. Lots of old tracks that you will dig and also probably some so Soulja Boy cause for some reason that always get played. Anyway the whole Nasty dance nights are up their with Grits n Gravy and one of the best dance partys you can have in Charlottesville. Seriously I hate most dance parties cause I’m lame but this one is always an appetizing one.

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Saturday: ‘A Spell To Ward Off Darkness’

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We received this to post from Will Rhodes. An interesting looking movie (also streaming on Fandor).

A Spell To Ward Off the Darkness‘ Screening, 2:30 PM @ Clemons Library at UVa, Room 322

Come one, come all to a screening of the experimental documentary ‘A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness‘ (2014) tomorrow at 2:30pm. Escape from the cold in media classrooms 322 in Clemons Library at UVA (right next to Alderman library and behind the Special Collections library). See the review at tinymixtapes.com.

High art meets black metal (again). ‘A Spell to Ward off the Darkness’ is a collaboration between two filmmakers, Ben Rivers and Ben Russel, featuring Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (aka Lichens), a drone composer and experimental vocal artist. The film follows Lowe through an Estonian commune and the Finnish wilderness before culminating in a vocal performance with an artsy black metal supergroup featuring members of Krallice, Liturgy, and Behold…The Arctopus.

“Marked by loneliness, ecstatic beauty and an optimism of the darkest sort, A SPELL is a radical proposition for the existence of utopia in the present.
Starring musician Robert AA Lowe (best known for his intense live performances under the name LICHENS) in the lead role, A SPELL lies somewhere between fiction and non-fiction – it is at once a document of experience and an experience itself, an inquiry into transcendence that sees the cinema as a site for transformation.”

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